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Unforgiven (1992)

It's been long since I watched a Western. I love Sergio Leone's Westerns. This film is on par with them. The scenes have immense depth about them. The beautiful clouds, trees, and country-side, birds and chirping insects are engrossing. The cast is wonderful--some of the finest actors all dressed up as cowboys. The dialogue is very engaging. This film is a classic with an epic atmosphere. It has got some fascinating action. The build-up leading to the actual encounter is neat and clever. 

Clint Eastwood's dialogue delivery in his husky voice is superb. Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman are also wonderful in this film. The first half of film has barely any shooting at all. Cinematography is beautiful and sound effects are used rarely but efficiently. Sunset scenes in the opening and closing credits are mesmerizing. It's not only one of the best works of Eastwood but also one of the best Westerns ever made. 

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Assessing Mantra and Tantra Knowledge in Swamsa Lagna

Mantras are sacred sound vibrations carrying energy with them. These sounds can be used for expanding consciousness. Mantra Siddhi is perfection in the use of mantras. Such masters can help others with their power. Tantras are mystical formularies which have special type of energies associated with them. For example: Gayatri Mantra is a sacred Vedic mantra which has been used for many thousand years for expanding consciousness. Similarly Shree-Yantra is a sacred Tantra used for attaining prosperity. Tonoscope experiments have established it beyond doubts that Shree-Yantra is visual representation of divine primordial sound Aum. 

Malefics in the Swamsa trines suggest knowledge of Mantras and Tantras. Two malefics suggest a great knowledge of these and one malefic suggests a good knowledge of these. The association and aspect of benefics on these malefics suggests that native would use this knowledge for welfare of others and that of malefics suggests that native might use this knowledge for malevolent purposes. 

75-76. MISCELLANEOUS MATTERS (up to sloka 84):O Brahmin, if there are two malefics in a trine from Karakamsa, the native will have knowledge of Mantras (sacred spells) and Tantras (mystical fomularies for the worship of deities for attainment of super-human powers). If a malefic simultaneously aspects the said yoga, the native will use these learnings for malevolent purposes while a benefic's aspect will make him use the same for public good.


Below given is the Swamsa-chart of Shri Narayan Datt Shrimali. He was a reputed Astrologer who published a lot of books on Mantras and Tantras. He helped many people with his knowledge of divine.

You can clearly observe that two malefics Saturn and Rahu are in a trine (9th house) in his Swamsa chart. This suggests that he had knowledge of Mantras and Tantras. Jupiter, which is situated in the Swamsa Lagna suggests that he was a knower of all things. He had knowledge of Vedas and Vedangas too. The aspect of Jupiter on the malefics in the 9th house clearly indicates that he used his knowledge of mantras and tantras for the welfare of others. 


The Swamsa chart above is of Pandit Shri Ram Sharma who was the founder of AWGP. He was a prolific author who wrote many books to uplift awareness in society. He had knowledge of mantras and he used Gayatri mantra to connect people for world peace.

You can clearly observe that his fifth house in Swamsa chart has Jupiter and Moon along with Mars. Jupiter and Moon located in the fifth house made him a prolific author who had a great knowledge of Vedas and Vedangas. The malefic Mars in the fifth house suggests capability to use mantras. Since only one malefic is present instead of two we might suggest that knowledge of mantras was not perfect. The benefic association of Jupiter and Moon with Mars clearly indicates that he used Gayatri Mantra for the public welfare.

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