Friday, 3 July 2015


Who am I? Where do I come from? Where would I go? Where do people come from? Where do people go?

The questions are ordinary but they've no answers. They're a complete mystery. Life has been compared to a dream but who knows what it's. It's a mystery and that's the beauty of life. Some people say that life here is an experiment by aliens who are super-intelligent. Like The Truman Show we're all characters of in gigantic reality-TV show. Some people say that this planet is a hell of another universe. 

I don't know what is what. I don't know anything. Some scientists say that since there are myriads of galaxies. Billions upon billions of galaxies in fact--there are chances, strong chances that there's life, intelligent life in many many alien habitats. Well, that might be true. Our current Science has not made us capable of  travelling through even our solar system yet. I see it very unlikely that such a progress would happen in my life-time. I am a bit pessimistic in this regard because pessimistic is nearer to realistic than an optimistic. Robert Anton Wilson, Arthur C. Clarke and other scientists have done enough damage with their extra optimistic predictions and prophecies in fields of life-extension and space-travel. 

Astrology is as much of a mystery to me as anything else. My experience has gradually turned me into favor of determinism. I don't believe that there's any free-will at all. I wonder what are complete laws of Astrology. If they're known to someone would he still be vulnerable to inevitable? He should be if determinism is right. But if it's not what you think it's then there's a possibility of that happening. I mean if there's a spectrum of possibilities instead of a concrete set of events in an individual's life or in the life of a planet--then there's something interesting despite free-will. Quantum Mechanics allows the infinite number of possible states next to this state--so there are infinite number of possible states of a person's life in any next moment. Which means that though there's a determinism it has infinite number of possibilities. But if you say that determinism means that there's a fixed number of events possible only then you call it determinism--I might not agree. Because determinism in my opinion is that one out of infinite number of universes is possible. What then would free-will be? You may ask. The free-will means that something happening which isn't possible in any of the infinite number of universes. Now that is ludicrous because free-will usually means that future is not fixed and your choices decide what your future would be like. The future is dependent on my choices you say and my choices are dependent on innumerable factors. I choose something because my DNA code, my environment, my stars let me choose that--how then is it free? In that sense there is no free-will no matter what. Now problem is no matter what I choose you would always say that you would have chosen that way or other. What then is free?