Thursday, 2 July 2015

Siddhis: Occult Powers

"The whole sense of the book might be summed up the following words: what can be said at all can be said clearly, and what we cannot talk about we must pass over in silence."

--Ludwig Wittgenstein in the introduction of the Tractatus Logico Philosophicus

I find Wittgenstein's words very useful sometimes. Wittgenstein left everything including Philosophy and became a monk and started serving in a Church. 

There are people who feel that our species is actually mutating towards becoming a superior species where all people would be enlightened. Enlightened here means having occult powers and also being free from egoic destructive tendencies.

Then there are people who believe that ancient sages had all such capabilities which were lost in time. Many people believe that many aliens who were extremely advanced visited the planet many thousand years ago and helped humanity with such gifts along with other technological help.

These are theories.

Swami Vivekananda--an Indian sage once visited a miracle performer who was supposedly capable of walking on water. The miracle worker showed his miracle to Vivekananda. Vivekananda, after having seen it all said to him that a ferryman would help you cross the river for 2 rupees and you spent years upon years doing painstaking penance to grab attention of others--it's sheer waste of human life.

His suggestion was that putting your energy into self-realization or finding bliss is far better than putting it in pursuit of something superficial. Sages in India have always considered miracles as hindrances on path of self-realization.

I don't know if that incident did happen in Vivekananda's life but message is clear and I agree. 

Becoming more perceptive using dream-interpretation, Tarot, Graphology and pure psychic exploration is helpful in self-realization upto an extent. 

The key difference is--I feel that the goal of meditation is to just keep meditating and nothing else. In time meditation becomes deeper and deeper and brings before you all the hidden corners of psyche--which helps you become more and more conscious and less and less mechanical. As this expansion of consciousness starts happening you also get many intuitive abilities on the way--temporarily. Now getting identified with your superpowers is ego-driven continuation of the personality in a new disguise. If I feel that I know things in advance and I can see root of problems and I can trace Karma back to its origins etc etc and it makes me feel special--I might trip the wrong way. Further you might think of helping others with psychic abilities. First -- it's not stable. Second--even helping others is not going to solve problems permanently--rather your assuming a kind of responsibility is getting identified with an ego-identity which might seem positive. This becomes an obstacle on path of self-realization. So while you might start developing those abilities further they're not really helping you get more peace in the long run. There have been so many big spiritual figures who claimed to change course of events in history--well, until there's an urge to change course of events--in the world, in my family, in my friend circle--enlightenment is not for me. A point comes when I feel totally harmonious with "what is." There remains no urge at all to change anything or making anything better---that doesn't mean that I don't play the role my destiny wants me to play--but it's just acting rather than feeling that I am accomplishing my private mission in life. 

Temptation of Christ is a popular example of the same. Similar temptation of Buddha happened as per Buddhist texts. As such life is full of temptations but for those who are advancing on spiritual paths it seems even more full of temptations. 

To take another example--if we're walking on a highway--meditation highway--we get all sorts of streets on the way--they're very colorful and alluring--give us many types of enjoyments--but every time we enter into a street we waste a lot of time and energy. Sometimes it happens that we forget the highway completely and become totally engaged with a particular street--we become its residents. 

 Synchronicities were always there--it's just that as we start noticing more we get more of them--as first law of behavioral Psychology states that you get more of what you reinforce. 

Edit: Upon reading my post I feel that it assumes that there exists a state where you can be in harmony and peace with everything. That there exists enlightenment. That's an assumption. I feel you or anyone else who feels that exploring the psychic phenomena could be the goal of his or her life is as justified as anyone else. We all do what we're destined to do. It's just my personal experience that having something more often goes with demonstrating than not. And this demonstrating holds me back from being peaceful. 

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