Monday, 29 June 2015


There aren't too many lessons to be learnt. The problem is-we've a very fragile memory--a very short term memory. Something good happens--by chance--in company of some friends or family--you want it to happen. You like it because it's in your nature to chase happiness and shun pain. Then you subconsciously program yourself to get the same events, same feelings of happiness again, in similar circumstances, among similar people, things. This might happen or might not happen. When it happens again you become happier but when it doesn't happen you feel tragic and lost.

The problem is that even when you've learned your lesson to not have expectations or high expectations, you still have some expectations and then if something positive happens again your mind kind of erases the program which made you have low expectations. Again bar of your expectations is set higher. This in turn again brings frustration and you again waste time in complaining and this valuable time and energy which is being wasted in complaining and crying could have been channelized to deeper oceans.

The problem is always forgetfulness of sorrow. The memory works in this way. It can't always keep wounds green--otherwise survival of mechanism could become difficult. The key to peace is to be aware of greedy mind which keeps raising bars of expectations despite having known frustration and tragic loss previously. Being aware makes you avoid all the whining and complaining. Happiness and unhappiness don't depend just on people and things around you but on innumerable factors. Any event whether you interpret it as a happy event or sad event happens because infinite number of factors in the universe make it possible. The same things, same people, similar seasons and yet you find no solace in what you thought to be the same event. This chasing after the pleasure is main cause of unhappiness. If you could ever remain aware of your greedy mind you would never run after happiness. Peace is beyond happiness and unhappiness and door to it is remembrance. 

The energy which is wasted in complaining, arguing and whining can give you peace if preserved. 

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