Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road

This is one of the best adventure films ever made. It has a very positive feeling about it. Bob Gale's story and direction is top notch. The writer of exceptionally beautiful Back to the Future trilogy makes a very optimistic adventure fiction film. Movie is wonderfully paced. It has great comedy and hilarious dialogues. It maintains mystery and thrill until the very end of the story. 

Performances are brilliant. I love Gary Oldman and Chris Cooper in their roles--all other actors have done their bit pretty well too. I feel Alice in the wonderland is the most dazzling fiction I've ever read and visualized, therefore whenever I get to read or watch something really beautiful and bizarre it gives me feelings that I am again going through a similar wonderland--this movie does it exceptionally well for me. I loved watching this movie and highly recommend it if you've not already seen it.

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