Saturday, 13 June 2015

The Cure(1997)

Spoilers Inside!!

This is a wonderful Japanese film. The name of the film is mysterious, because you can't truly figure out the reason behind it  even after watching the film. This picture is a pessimistic but wonderful mystery  which captivates you. There is a series of murders committed by different people under similar circumstances. Each one of them remembers nothing about the crime. Every victim is marked 'X' by every murderer. 

Detectives find out that these murders were committed under hypnotic trance. They come across a suspect who seems to have amnesia. Does he really have amnesia? Is he the one making people commit murders out of his own volition or he too, like others- has been a victim of some other dark-missionaries? These are the questions which are not answered properly and hence the mystery remains--much remains for audience to think about. It's found upon investigation that the suspect was a Psychology student who researched into Mesmer. He is shown as an impeccable hypnotist and a shrewd pretender. But why is he taking so many pains to go at length and appear before police instead of remaining hidden? Is he a megalomaniac? All of these questions keep titillating your mind. Even by the standards of 1997 the police work shown in the film is sloppy--i felt that they might have been more careful and might have used services of an expert hypnotist--but it's doubtful that there would have been one surpassing the villain. A very intriguing film indeed. 

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It's undoubtedly one of the best films I've ever watched. This film has many beautiful things about it--the script being the first and the foremost. It is similar to other classics like Memento, Primer, Triangle, Timecrimes, Predestination and Inland Empire-in that it fills you with a sense of wonder. The climax is open to interpretation like most the films suggested above--but unlike Primer(and perhaps Memento), which in my opinion is slightly more difficult to grasp upon first viewing--this film gives you a wonderfully satisfying Aha experience.  

The only shortcoming of this film might be a bit shaky camera work which could be easily tolerated and forgotten soon enough if the ongoing events with characters hook you in. This film provides good food for thought and discussion. I highly recommend it to all the readers. 

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