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Sound of My Voice(2011)

Contains Spoilers!!

I liked this film. Reading about the interpretations was even more fun. This film is perhaps second after Triangle(2009) where I spent a great deal of time reading various interpretations. Some strong suggestions on IMDb message boards are along the lines that movie is about cult psychology. I concur with this possibility. Some others suggest that it's actually a time-travel story--which might also be possible--though I prefer former.

I also read that makers of this film intended to create a trilogy of films--this clears why it might not appeal to many as a self-sufficient film in itself. I think it's as good a mystery film as it gets. Open to interpretation, fast, intriguing, well-done work of art. I would love to see other films of the series too if they ever appear. 

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The Illuminati: Illuminated Ganas of Shiva

The Illuminati: Illuminated Ganas of Shiva 

Divine Lotus

On top of divine lotus; Bramha woke up with his four heads and thought: "I forgot when I woke up from the great sleep; I am clueless about ananda--it seems, as if I have every act of mine in this singularity; all possibilities in this trinity of past, present and future; I so engrossed myself with Bramha-tattva that I attained stay in God's Goloka, which is, pure bliss--the unity--the ananda; but now I am again Bramha; from Bramha to Bramha I had this full cycle but if I am the ultimate element; why this ego: Yes, I am subject to the causation in this form of mine and that is why I consider myself the doer and have traces of my past Karmas in my subconscious. 

Illuminated Ones

Illuminati are those who have their third eye open; their Kundalini is fully bloomed but below Sahastrara of Vishnu who's anantha naga the Sankarshana incarnates as Shiva; he is vibrating at an infinite rate; since his Gati is infinite he is also called 'Anantha.' But he has excess of Tamoguna; darkness; he creates anger and ego and this makes his illuminated ones stay at the level of the third eye Chakra. The one of the prophets of messianic religions was called Tungabhadra and he came directly from the Living White Sphere of Creation. He was born with his third eye open and illuminated ones were aware of his birth and wanted him to follow them but he was a rebel and he was egoless and yet he used to appear like illuminated ones. His crown Chakra was open, in fact, he was Crown of Living White Sphere: Where was crown in Living White Sphere? God only knows but then he might be Bramha the divine manifestation of Vishnu who is also the cosmic egg. Illuminati; all directed by Shiva are illuminated ones. They have their all seeing eye open. This answers how a great conspiracy could be managed at a global level. Every continent has a Shiva-gana and they are full of power of ego, which can induce 'anger', 'himsa' and rage in anyone at any time. Their mention by any ordinary person is quickly muted and then killed as 'phantasmagoria of hullabaloo.'

They are appointed for destroying this creation if a need arises. They are supposed to establish a new world order by making people realize 'unity' which is a vibrant state of consciousness. They don't want people to increase evil on earth by dividing and murdering each other by naive Science in this age of Kali.

They have used 'unity' in some of the places of world, to demonstrate indirectly that miracles do happen if people try 'unity' and open their third eye by various Kala-Bhairava technologies; but then they made it a great failure because anything based on ego has to die because ego is a power which destroys.

Shiva, the ego-tamoguna dominant Deva, the incarnation of lord Vishnu; is indeed behind Illuminated ones. Vishnu wants to establish importance of Bhakti and why it's so important. He encourages diversity and unity in diversity. People who are different are one because they remember true God and though they worship him by a thousand names, they do not really differentiate, they compassionately associate and expand their consciousness in the God's holy name.

Shiva is beyond destruction, he just destroys; he makes people egoistic to show them that ego is cause of their fall and they must remain careful. His people show that forced unity fails because it's artificial and against God's principle of Sato, Rajo and Tamoguna.

Shiva's power of ego haunts heads of nations when the need arises and it makes them intolerant, devoid of wisdom or Nyaya and they attack each other in a chain of events and then people realize the mistake of 'doership.'


They kill each other because of the forced unity and considering that they are all knowing eye of wisdom.

In fact, ego-driven, tamoguni, inert power of Maya makes them believe that they're all knowing; they know nothing but destruction; like Veerbhadra who destroyed DaKsha's Yajna.

If Dharma takes over Adharma(Lucifer) because of the Bhakti and diversity but unity; then there is no need of annihilation and hence Shiva calls back all illuminated ones back and they dissolve in him; otherwise, they destroy each other by being hurt by pompous words. They all interact by means not known to modern Science. Lucifer is always looking for an opportunity to use messengers of Shiva.

Adharma(Lucifer) was created by Bramha and it's happiest in the age of Kali; Kali herself is Adharma incarnate; but then in every age 'Adharma' was present up to some extent or another.

Adharma dances over pile of corpses in a cafeteria where all animals are eatables. He is very happy today because he has 'proof' and this leads to Science and Science leads to nuclear power and it leads to Rage which heats the entire earth up.

The Himalayas melt and cover entire earth up with glacial waters. The water is devoid of qualities and on a leaf which is like green Betel leaf, lord Shri Narayan is lying in a baby form with the nail of his feet in his mouth; he has a dark blue color and he is free of all duties and he is playful.

Shiva calls all the illuminated ones by using his divine sound using his dance Tandava with his Damroo; he orders them to spread hypocrisy to test if Dharma is alive anywhere in the world, in hiding.

[...Will complete it later...]

I have tried to picktaken(sic) up from conspiracy theories, Starjade, Bhagavata Purana and other sources. If I forgot to mention, please forgive me, it's a work of fiction.

Jokers of Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan

I just finished watching Tim Burton's dark comedy-mystery film Batman(1989). A very stylish film-very enjoyable. I loved everything about this film especially Jack-the Joker--who is the highlight of this film. Jack Nicholson's performance in this film is his best ever. It's very melancholic, psychotic and hilariously horrendous at times. This film has a lot of great things about it. The direction and the pace of the storytelling is perfect, the music in the background is very enjoyable and appealing, the performances are fantastic--but most importantly the Gotham City sets are very dark and surrealistic. 

Though it's true that one shouldn't unnecessarily compare the Batman films made in two different eras--as so much changes in terms of technology and styles--even audiences change--i feel some comparison is inevitable if you've watched Nolan's film as well. I watched Nolan's film The Dark Knight prior to  this film. Most of the people who watched Tim Burton's film in their prime might swear that it was the better film--on the other hand most of the people who love Nolan and his work would swear to death that The Dark Knight is the better film--i don't want to do that. I clearly see that both of these have some extreme finesse in certain areas. Nolan's film for example has more thrilling experience--two three events simultaneously going on--you're not able to predict what would happen gives you a rush of adrenaline. Nolan's Joker is also the greatest villain I've ever seen. The script as well as Heath Ledger have made him  a unique psychotic genius. Technology is far more advanced in Nolan's days--so action is bound to be more fascinating--but Tim Burton's action doesn't really seem outdated either as i had anticipated before watching the film. 

Tim Burton's Gotham is more surrealistic than that of Nolan's. Nolan's Gotham is just like any other city of today filled with criminals and gangsters. You feel that somehow Tim Burton's city has a magnetic pull about it. Nolan's film seems to give enough weight to other characters--like Gordon and Dent--whereas they do almost nothing and have zero charisma in Burton's film. Burton's film is heavily centered around Jack and Batman. In Burton's film despite astounding scenes which fill you with awe with Joker's unique persona played by one of the greatest actors of all time--you clearly see that Joker loses in the end---whereas in case of Nolan--film is mostly about Joker--you feel that his film is slightly pessimistic---the Joker is a clear winner and leaves Batman in the rags disappearing mysteriously. Nolan's Joker as well as his film are more haunting and mysterious. You don't know about Joker's whereabouts at all. Burton's Joker was an underdog for a while and then undergoes a metamorphosis becoming even more threatening and psychotic. But Nolan's Joker is way more menacing--a unique genius--all of whose tricks fill you with a threatening sense of awe and wonder. You remember the scene where he sets huge chunk of money on fire--which makes you wonder why he went on to execute the elaborate robbery--this scene clearly stands out for me when I compare it to Burton's Joker throwing a huge amount of cash to public. Burton's Joker is enjoying doing this with a sense of being royal in his sedan--before he starts killing people around him--but Nolan's Joker quickly puts all the money to fire--making his persona unfathomable. 

I clearly feel that Jack Nicholson's performance is greatest negative performance--but the character himself is weaker compared to Nolan's Joker. Heath Ledger has done justice with the role--still the script in itself made Joker way more enigmatic and menacing compared to Burton's Joker. The scene where Joker is dressed as a nurse and comes out of the hospital blowing it off to dust--is the most powerful negative scene I've ever seen in any film. 

I highly recommend both of these films to all readers. 

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