Friday, 22 May 2015

The Life of David Gale(2003)

This is an exciting thriller and following review contains spoilers. The film is essentially about two martyrs who sacrifice their lives for the cause of anti-death penalty movement. The way story unfolds keeps you interested till end. There was a point in the end where I thought this film was a complete waste of time--because idea of a lady committing suicide to frame an innocent fellow in order to prove that death penalty is wrong because innocent people are sentenced, was just too much to digest. Her leaving a self-made video which wasn't discovered because a jealous lover didn't want it to be discovered before the execution was just appalling. Later on, you realize that actually reporter was helpless all along and it was their game.

You realize in the end that those martyrs used the cowboy as an associate who was loyal to them. They all were loyal to each other as well as to their cause. As you see in the context of picture--their sacrifice didn't really change much except to restore reputation of professor Gale. Upon reflection it's quite obvious that their sacrifice wasn't very healthy. They were both depressed and lost. One was waiting to die of leukemia which she hated and other was struggling with drinking and loss of job, family, reputation and friend. In other words they really didn't have much to lose--so they choose to sacrifice themselves for their cause. It's because of the causes underlined above-this martyrdom didn't touch me in the slightest. The efforts of the reporter are as good as nil--because it was by chance that she was chosen by them. Having seen many conspiracy thrillers in past--I was thinking along the line that Gale was framed--perhaps by the government people because of his strong arguments against the death penalty by the state. This might have been partially correct because you don't ever fathom fully the motive behind Berlin's accusations. Then, Gale and company use their helpless situation to create the drama for the salvation of their cause. 

This film has good soundtrack, very good cinematography, good pace, and witty dialogues here and there. I like Kevin Spacey --so his performance was good for me, Kate Winslet and others were also convincing. The plot is original and good enough. I liked this film.   

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