Monday, 4 May 2015

The Last Boy Scout(1991)

It's another Tony Scott classic thriller. This movie reminded me a lot of his later classic  Enemy of The State--probably because there are two leads in both of these films trying to work against a conspiracy. I have to say that Tony Scott has made some really groundbreaking movies such as True Romance, Man on Fire, Enemy of the State and The Last Boy Scout.

True Romance is definitely in my top ten most favorite films but other mentioned above are also some of the most favorite films. It's a pity that he parted ways in such a manner. 

This film has a very intriguing lead--Joe Hallenbeck. He's one of the most interesting characters I've seen on a film screen. The dialogues are life of this film--very witty repartee--really engaging. Performances by all cast members are solid. I think Tony was always very careful with his cast. Bruce Willis has given his best performance in this film--at least one of the bests! Action is epic and you might not appreciate a bit blood-shed gore slash if you're sensitive about it--otherwise this is a perfect thriller.

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