Sunday, 26 April 2015

True Romance (1993)

This is cinema at its best. It's a film you would love to see again and again. I've to admit that I've not seen a movie as entertaining as this...almost never except for some David Lynch films. Tony Scott has really done a finest execution of tantalizing masterpiece of script by Tarantino. You keep reading every now and then how great a lover of cinema Tarantino is and you realize how true it's after watching movies like these. I feel Tarantino is even better as a writer than as a director.

Tarantino's script is all about movies and a little about drugs. The title True Romance is as comically misleading as many other things you might expect from this flick if you consider it to be an ordinary thriller. Up until interval I found this movie to be almost an ordinary romance which was not really going anywhere. Hell, yes the leads were as crazy and eerie as it gets but that was it--but then there were couple of  scenes where good old Gary Oldman comes to mesmerize you with his charismatic presence. He's one of the finest actors and you would've loved more of him in this film. As another review on IMDb noted, this performance by Oldman is second to only one in the Leon: The Professional. I feel he's absolute enchanting in negative roles because of his quirky charisma! Well, well..the cast in this film is definitely one of the biggest and most well done. Except leads(who are indeed brilliant and I absolutely loved riveting performances especially Patricia Arquette whom I love since I saw her in Lost Highway) most of the cast members had only a few minutes of time and yet they all did it fantastically.

Lets come back to the point where movie gets really engaging for me: Just after interval--the scene between Hopper and Walken( who play Worley senior and mafia boss Vincenzo Coccoti respectively) was so fascinating that it made movie totally filmy for me. That was the point when I realized that dialogue was best ever. This  is one of the best scenes ever filmed! Then dialogue stays almost equally entertaining all through the film. 

Hans Zimmer's score plays a pivotal role in making this film what it's. Songs and music both make this a lightweight film. In many scenes where you usually feel grim or dark music is played in most of the films, this film has a comical background music and whether it was intentional or an accident--I feel it worked for making this film a great success. The contrast between what's going on and what impression music creates is really what makes this film have a certain dreamlike  substance to it. You feel as if you're watching a dream or you're high! This ethereal feeling is what makes this movie so special. The contrast which I mentioned earlier, between music and events happening is also maintained by how characters play themselves. They're all funny all the times. I really wonder why this film is not in Comedy genre. It's more of a comedy than a thriller for me--everything is as light as a feather in this film! Climax is hilarious and typical Tarantino climax where most of the people kill each other!

Brad Pitt was in the guest appearance as a junkie who was tremendously funny and Samuel Jackson appears to just take a bullet! I mean it's one hell of funny film if there was ever one! Tons of movie references in the script suggest that it's signed by Tarantino; hats off!

True romance has nothing true. It's an air of falsity about it. It's top class drama which looks unreal all along.