Monday, 13 July 2015

Is ego purely psychological?

Question: Does ego have a physical counterpart or it's just psychological in nature?

Answer: Take an example: If you're hungry and go to sleep you would dream about food. You might have experienced it. Similarly when you're sensual you dream about fulfilling your sensual fantasies or when your body needs to urinate you dream about urinals or people urinating. So--here can you see that the dream--which is in general a projection of subconscious has clearly got a physical counterpart--isn't it so? It's the immediate connection but similarly there's a physical counterpart to every emotion. There's a physical counterpart to every memory too--this is simple to understand since you know about technology---hard disks have information burnt onto a physical material--similarly neurons have memories hard-coded on material which is also physical. But memories as such aren't binding---they don't become Karma. If you can use memories without having 'emotional' discrimination against them--without colouring them that it's 'good' or 'bad'--they don't bind you---don't attach you---this is how enlightened person functions--using mind as a tool--like you use laptop---without colouring them with personal emotions. It doesn't mean however that there's no empathy--without empathy the so called enlightened person would be a robot--but he's more than that---emotions get replaced by compassion---which is affectionate and intelligent awareness of suffering of others. So--problem is emotional memories--they're Karmic and they've physical counterparts--they together come up to build our egoistic personalities.