Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Samadhi or orgasmic experience is an oceanic experience in mysticism. The drop merges in the ocean. Whatever exists as a description about that state is just a hint. There can't be any expression about a experience-less state. There exists no experience in Samadhi. There's no experiencer either. There's no duality or unity. Such words don't apply to that state.

Whatever is felt about Samadhi is either something experienced immediately before or after the Samadhi. Feeling childlike or recalling forgotten memories or forgetting yourself temporarily are some of the patterns experienced along with the extreme bliss before or after the Samadhi. 

It's strange to see that Samadhi or no-mind can be described as a no state by mind. You recall the state immediately before and after the Samadhi and then calculate that something like Samadhi happened. There's not much difference in going into deep sleep and going into Samadhi. There are no thoughts, feelings and memories in both of these states. Only difference is that you can enter consciously into the Samadhi. Becoming unconscious is also similar to Samadhi. Technically there's not much difference in the Samadhi's mystic experience and epileptic seizure but a mystic is very wise when compared to an ordinary epileptic patient and this is the only difference. 

Samadhi is interpreted as forgetfulness of egoic separate identity. Drugs, alcohol and other addictions also accomplish this partially. But it must be remembered that forgetting ego and its burden temporarily isn't really a goal but rather a side-effect of mystic Samadhi.

image: Samadhi