Monday, 11 May 2015

The Trouble With Harry by Alfred Hitchcock

Arnie: How do rabbits get born?Sam Marlowe: Same way elephants doSam Marlowe: Perharps I'll come back tomorrow.Arnie: When's that?Sam Marlowe: The day after today.Arnie: That's yesterday. Today's tomorrow.Sam Marlowe: It was.Arnie: When was tomorrow yesterday?Sam Marlowe: Today.Arnie: Oh, sure. Yesterday.

This is the most beautiful Hitchcock movie. It starts with autumn view of beautiful New England countryside. The music and scenery are enchanting together. This film has very few characters and sets yet it's extremely entertaining. Some people qualify this film as dark comedy  but I think the characters in this movie were all simple people. This little world created by Hitchcock is so beautiful that you forget everything outside it. My favorite scene of this film is where little Arnie speaks with Sam. The dialogue is really cute, especially the today's tomorrow bit by Arnie. You see how cute Arnie is a nonchalant tradesman who first trades a dead rabbit for an alive frog and later gets his dead rabbit back too to make other trades in the town. I loved this scene and it somehow made me feel nostalgic. It resembles Alice's conversations in wonderland because of its quirky humor methinks. 

Aside from these, the cast is wonderful in this film. Shirley MacLaine's is charming and her childlike quirky facial expressions are just beyond description. The film also has a certain mystery about Harry who died somehow. The mystery is revealed in the end but it was predictable all along--meanwhile you see how various characters flicker for their own interests. This is an exquisite film, a really charming comedy because of its simplicity. I love this film and recommend it to all readers. 

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