Thursday, 7 May 2015

Dead Again(1991)


This is an entertaining mystery thriller involving reincarnation and past-life regression hypnosis therapy. This is perhaps the only film in English I've seen involving reincarnation. I think not many good films have been made based on this idea. David Lynch's Inland Empire might be considered involving scenarios but it's not that clear because it's too obscure in that film.

This film has a story of a couple who reincarnate to finish past life business. A strange pull of cosmic forces brings them together in this life. The lady who has lost all his memories suddenly takes shrine in a church and a private investigator who was an orphan raised by this church is brought to investigate about this lady. These two develop fondness for each other. A psychiatrist discovers the couple because of an ad in a newspaper and helps the lady do past-life regression using hypnosis. Soon it's revealed that in very recent past the girl had lived as someone quite famous and even the boy was his partner in that life. What strikes as a strange twist is not that they knew each other--but rather that metempsychosis had their sexes changed in this life in a way that they resemble each other from their past lives. That is--the boy in this life was actually the girl in the past life and the girl in this life was the boy in past life--more than that--the boy in this life resembles the boy in the past life and so on.

I didn't think that this movie would be so  good because it was based on reincarnation--but twists were good enough. The climax was slightly poor compared to the movie throughout. Performances were good--music was alright. The painting in the lady's apartment which mimics Salvador Dali's Clocks was hilarious as it has scissors on trees instead of clocks. Scissors along with anklet form the most referenced and repeated objects in this film. A very good film overall.

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