Monday, 27 April 2015


Movies which have twists especially the shocking ones are appreciated by thriller buffs. Memento is so twisted that because of its unique unforeseen non-linear narrative it doesn't really need a great twist in the end--still like all great thriller mysteries which seem solvable to an audience--it has a surprise twist in the end. I have watched it many times and read many reviews--still, following is what I feel I consider is the 'gist' of the clues to understand the mystery of this story. Though I feel that a Mystery can never really be known truly---objectively---but you're free to interpret and enjoy the interpretation---this doesn't mean however that it's the only interpretation possible!

 I am convinced that though not absolutely clear..still if you believe that clues lie in the film( as once Nolan pointed out!) you've to build your interpretation on the clues you see in the film. The most reliable source of information is Teddy and not Lenny--because if Teddy is not reliable there's no other source at all. It's clear though, that Teddy is using Lenny for his own gain--because he's a snitch(undercover) as well as a drug dealer(corrupt cop)--Teddy has already given Lenny a John G whom he killed but continued killing...just to have a purpose to live...and you see an image in the very end where Lenny's wife is lying with him and he has tattoos on his chest--which means he had started searching for John G even when his wife was alive. So as Teddy said 1. Sammy Jenkis had no wife.( This makes me feel that Sammy was a person with a similar condition) 2. Lenny's wife killed herself out of desperation and Lenny overdosed her...which obviously Teddy said 3. Lenny's wife had survived the attack. 4. Lenny removed 12 pages from the complete police report of the incident in order to continue the manhunt in the fashion similar in which he makes Teddy the target in the end.

The John G was killed because after killing Lenny took a photograph in a good mood---though you might contest this by saying: why there's no note on that photo---obviously because somehow Lenny didn't want to end his "mission" in the past...similar to as he didn't want to end it even after having heard what he feels is Truth from Teddy( Here important is "instincts"---you can easily infer that while discussing with Teddy in the last he looks at the photos and hears him out...he "feels" that it's Truth...that's why he burns the photographs.)---It's evident with these things that he's just starting another cycle of killing and he'll continue killing many more people...he's the most immoral person...even more immoral than Teddy is in this picture. Still, I feel that there's no absolute interpretation possible for this film--I find that many objections might be raised against my interpretation above. What a superb masterpiece it's--Nolan broke the tool with which he created it after its creation methinks!  

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Sunday, 26 April 2015

True Romance (1993)

This is cinema at its best. It's a film you would love to see again and again. I've to admit that I've not seen a movie as entertaining as this...almost never except for some David Lynch films. Tony Scott has really done a finest execution of tantalizing masterpiece of script by Tarantino. You keep reading every now and then how great a lover of cinema Tarantino is and you realize how true it's after watching movies like these. I feel Tarantino is even better as a writer than as a director.

Tarantino's script is all about movies and a little about drugs. The title True Romance is as comically misleading as many other things you might expect from this flick if you consider it to be an ordinary thriller. Up until interval I found this movie to be almost an ordinary romance which was not really going anywhere. Hell, yes the leads were as crazy and eerie as it gets but that was it--but then there were couple of  scenes where good old Gary Oldman comes to mesmerize you with his charismatic presence. He's one of the finest actors and you would've loved more of him in this film. As another review on IMDb noted, this performance by Oldman is second to only one in the Leon: The Professional. I feel he's absolute enchanting in negative roles because of his quirky charisma! Well, well..the cast in this film is definitely one of the biggest and most well done. Except leads(who are indeed brilliant and I absolutely loved riveting performances especially Patricia Arquette whom I love since I saw her in Lost Highway) most of the cast members had only a few minutes of time and yet they all did it fantastically.

Lets come back to the point where movie gets really engaging for me: Just after interval--the scene between Hopper and Walken( who play Worley senior and mafia boss Vincenzo Coccoti respectively) was so fascinating that it made movie totally filmy for me. That was the point when I realized that dialogue was best ever. This  is one of the best scenes ever filmed! Then dialogue stays almost equally entertaining all through the film. 

Hans Zimmer's score plays a pivotal role in making this film what it's. Songs and music both make this a lightweight film. In many scenes where you usually feel grim or dark music is played in most of the films, this film has a comical background music and whether it was intentional or an accident--I feel it worked for making this film a great success. The contrast between what's going on and what impression music creates is really what makes this film have a certain dreamlike  substance to it. You feel as if you're watching a dream or you're high! This ethereal feeling is what makes this movie so special. The contrast which I mentioned earlier, between music and events happening is also maintained by how characters play themselves. They're all funny all the times. I really wonder why this film is not in Comedy genre. It's more of a comedy than a thriller for me--everything is as light as a feather in this film! Climax is hilarious and typical Tarantino climax where most of the people kill each other!

Brad Pitt was in the guest appearance as a junkie who was tremendously funny and Samuel Jackson appears to just take a bullet! I mean it's one hell of funny film if there was ever one! Tons of movie references in the script suggest that it's signed by Tarantino; hats off!

True romance has nothing true. It's an air of falsity about it. It's top class drama which looks unreal all along. 

Thursday, 23 April 2015


Chronicle is an excellent but underrated Sci-fi thriller. If you like watching superhero movies--this would be a fun ride for you. This film has a conventional plot with a very realistic approach towards the human nature. Some teenagers accidentally discover something which gives them superpowers and then things go terribly wrong after being fun for a while. This film has done a commendable job at showing what immense power could do to unenlightened beings who get it by chance. It's been shot in intriguing found-footage style. It's one of the most engrossing superhero movies I've watched in a long time and I highly recommend this to everyone who likes action flicks. 

Monday, 20 April 2015

Road to Perdition (2002)

This is one of the best thrillers ever made. This film is a visually stunning masterpiece of Sam Mendes. It gives you an impression that it has been created by people who love cinema both as an art and as entertainment.  The last film with such incredible appeal I had seen was Django Unchained by Quentin Tarantino. 

The film has outstanding performances by Tom Hanks and Paul Newman with a small but very effective role by Jude Law. Tom Hanks has played the role of a skilled assassin with a great ease. If you've not seen him play such roles earlier(like me)-you might be in for a surprise. The film has been dedicated to Conrad L. Hall whose strikingly beautiful cinematography has made it the great work of art it's. 

The performance by Tyler Hoechlin as the Michael Sullivan Jr. who is the narrator as well is wonderful. Thomas Newman's score is one of the best I've ever heard in any movie. This movie had me hooked right from the first scene--it's really very aesthetically pleasing, besides having a great thriller plot line. Climax was somewhat predictable yet entertaining and reminded me of The Departed. The title of the film is significant as well as symbolic because the place where narrator's aunt lives is called 'Perdition.' This made me wonder why a place where people live would be named this way! This is a brilliant film in all aspects and I feel it's a wee bit underrated--I highly recommend it to all thriller buffs.

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Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Wicker Man 1973

This is a wonderful mystery film. It's a film I would love to recommend to all Mystery buffs and if you're one please watch it without reading this or any other reviews further. This is one of those rare films which really shock you. When I recall such movies there are very few actually. 

There are Mystery movies which are beyond comprehension. You might say that they're truly mysterious because their mystery can't be understood. David Lynch's masterpieces Inland Empire and The Lost Highway along with Roman Polanski's Chinatown are some great mysteries of this type. Then there are movies which need repeated viewings for a good understanding and still remain open for interpretation and discussion--that is, if you're wise enough you leave trying to interpret them after a while considering them a true piece of art. Christopher Nolan's Memento and Christopher Smith's Triangle are such films. I feel that most of the films with time-loop scenarios qualify for this category. Then, there's another category of Mystery films which resolve themselves with in their 90 or 120 minutes quota very well but still leave you awestruck because of strange twists which are quite unpredictable in nature. The Wicker Man(1973) is one such excellent Mystery movie.

Having seen some very ordinary Mystery flicks recently this movie took me in for a surprise. The Skeleton Key(2005) is another such flick. I would suggest you that you enjoy this film without great expectations--because being too tight on twist or expecting it all the time might ruin the passage for you. That's why I recommended you this film without reading this or any other reviews before watching this film. This is a very rare mystery thriller in my opinion and I highly recommend this to you. Thanks for reading!