Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Moss: A good mystery drama!

Moss(Iggi) is a 2010 South Korean film. If you pay heed to IMDb ratings of movies-it must be said that it's an underrated film. The film is quite lengthy with a running time of 163 minutes and the execution seemed slightly slow at times. In fact, after about 80% of the movie completed, I was disappointed in the predictable nature of twists and wanted to skip the rest of it--but something kept me hooked till the end and it did make me feel content especially because of its climax. I like such movies--firstly because they get better and better towards the end--compared to many others which disappoint you in the climax. Secondly, the overall film sounds that it's much more than you had expected--that's why I said that it's underrated. It would surprise you if you stick till the end in my opinion. Just one give-away : like other good Korean movies--none of the characters comes clean in the end.

I liked the comedy, drama and mystery in the film. In some ways climax reminds you of great classic Rashomon. I highly recommend watching this film you're a Mystery buff. 

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