Friday, 12 December 2014

Steady Remembrance With Timestamps

Remembering is soul of spiritual practices. In Bhakti Yoga, it's the holy name of the lord and in Jnana Yoga it's remembrance of sense of being. Earnestness is cornerstone of success in spiritual practices. 

If you don't keep on checking frequently you fall into forgetfulness and start dreaming. You might be under the dangerous assumption that you're doing nothing else but remembering constantly, while in actuality you might be remembering very little. It happens that if you tell a beginner to remember himself, he might be shocked and might say that it's a useless practice since he anyway remembers himself all the times. Only when someone diligently starts remembering himself he comes to know how difficult it actually is. Similarly practice of remembering holy names of God is--you might carry beads and rosaries with you all day long but might remember very little. 

In case of true meditation the activities and relations of the world seem like faint clouds on surface of vast blissful sky of the consciousness. In case of pretentious meditation, remembrance is like a cloud and the world and activities take up the entire space of awareness. Masters suggest that you always keep more attention on remembering than on the activities. Interest creates the world. Interest runs the world. Lack of interest makes world dissolve into thin air.

You might take an approach of alienation--getting lost into the oblivion to meditate. Isolation might be good to reinforce remembrance but it works good only as a booster. If you don't practice the remembrance in the world and the market--stagnation would set-in. On the other hand, being totally in the market place all the times would tend to create lack of attention too. Therefore both of them are needed. The marketplace, the world, the society are what have created the dark inside you so you need to change those into light by shedding light on those reactions which is possible only when they get triggered in the market place. Otherwise they hide and you might be practicing meditation in a cave all the time thinking that everything is fine.  

P. D. Ouspensky writes in his book In Search of The Miraculous, that when his master Gurdjieff asked him to remember himself all the times, with equal attention the activities he was doing in course of the day, he realized for the first time in his life that he actually remembered himself very little. He writes that at once he forgot himself for complete two hours! This is actually what happens with all beginners. You might think that you remember yourself all the times but you forget yourself too soon in practice. That is why timestamps might help. Make a habit of remembering to check on whether you're remembering yourself or not. If you chant a mantra then also this would help a lot. Just observe any activity or time and associate it with remembrance and then you know that sleep would set-in after a while and when you wake up after the sleep--that's when you again remember to remember you would know(like P. D. Ouspensky)--exactly how long you were asleep--this would reinforce the behavior of remembering in you more and more and gradually the gaps of forgetfulness would become lesser and lesser. 

Wishing you very best in your meditation practices. Yours truly!

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