Saturday, 6 December 2014

An Easy Understanding of Planetary Dignities in Vedic Astrology

You know about exaltation and debilitation signs of planets. How about we discuss their dignities in other signs. In this post we would take a few signs for easy understanding.

Jupiter gets exalted in the sign Cancer and debilitated in the sign Capricorn.

There is a dictum in Vedic Astrology texts which states that Jupiter in Aquarius gives almost as good results as it gives when in the sign Cancer. Why it should be so?

It's easy to understand it like this: The debilitation sign is a sign where planet was under immense pressure. It was almost like a prison for him. Once it's somehow released from prison it starts feeling fresh air outside. Though the memory of the time he has spent in the prison lingers in the back of head it feels great to be outside. Can be extrapolate this principle for other planets? let's try doing this!

Sun gets debilitated in the sign Libra, therefore it should feel great in the sign immediately following after Libra. It's almost as good as exaltation but not exactly as good. This sign is owned by friend Mars and it's a watery sign as well. You should compensate these things while thinking through the karmic energies activated by a Sun in Scorpio in any natal horoscope. Even Mars who happens to be the owner of the sign Scorpio doesn't feel as good as in Aries, because Aries is a fiery sign and Scorpio is a watery sign. The same criterion should be used to judge the strength of Sun in the sign Scorpio.

Mars becomes debilitated in the watery-emotional sign Cancer. The sign immediately after is Leo owned by Sun who happens to be a great friend. Needless to say Mars feels as good as exalted or in its own house in the sign Leo. It would be safe to say that Mars would feel better than the sign Scorpio in Leo because of aforesaid factors. 

Venus becomes debilitated in the earth sign Virgo. The sign following happens to be its own sign Libra. You can assume that Venus feels as good as exalted in Libra. If you were to weigh the strength of Venus in its two houses Taurus and Libra--it should be easy to say that Libra would be an easier house. 

Mercury becomes debilitated in the sign Pisces. Mercury is a calculator who deals in concrete pros and cons and likes to chatter. In the dream land of Pisces it feels overwhelmed. It makes him feel lost. After visiting to Pisces, in the fiery sign owned by Mars, Mercury feels excited. In Aries, Mercury should feel as good as in Gemini or Virgo.

Saturn gets debilitated in fiery fast moving dominating leadership sign Aries. He moves slowly and hence he feels bad when inside the blasting fiery aggressive home of Mars. After getting released from this penitentiary he founds solace in the friendly house Taurus. Here he confers as good results as in the sign Libra.

Moon gets debilitated in the watery emotional outburst of Tantric energy house of Mars. After getting released from Scorpio purgatory Moon feels great in the home of friend Jupiter. Moon feels almost as good in Sagittarius as in Taurus. You should however take into the account the factors like earth versus fiery sign. Pleasure versus Dharma loving owners in order to adjust the weightages in two signs for Moon.

I am leaving Rahu and Ketu because they're too complicated. Different classical texts suggest that they are exalted in different signs. Some texts say that Rahu gets exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio, whereas others say that it's the other way around. It's confusing so let's leave them aside.

Now what about Ucchabhilashi?

A planet who is about to approach to his favorite house must feel very enthusiastic. Sun gets exalted in Aries, therefore in Pisces since it's near exaltation, it must feel very good. Similarly, Jupiter should feel very good in Gemini, Moon in Aries, Saturn in Virgo and Venus in Aquarius should also feel exuberant. Mercury should feel great about Leo which is a sign of Sun. 

Now let's understand the planets approaching the debilitation signs.

It's like your lawyer is working on a case in which you have been accused of doing something and you know that he's losing. In a few days you know that you're bound to go to jail. How would you feel? That similar feeling is associated with planets approaching their debilitation points. There should be some exceptions to this rule as well. For example: Jupiter gets debilitated in the sign Capricorn, therefore by this rule he should feel down and depressed in Sagittarius--but it happens to be his office. He owns Jupiter and feels very inclined to preach Dharma and Philosophy in this sign!

Moon gets debilitated in the sign Scorpio, therefore it doesn't feel great in the signs Virgo and Libra. Venus gets debilitated in the sign Virgo, therefore it doesn't feel great in the sign Leo. Saturn doesn't feel great in the dream land owned by Jupiter either as it's very near to its debilitation point Aries.

Mercury feels insecure in the sign Aquarius because it's near debilitation point. Sun doesn't feel great in the sign Virgo because it's near its debilitation point Libra. 

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