Monday, 1 December 2014

Supernatural: Hunteri Heroici

Supernatural season 8's episode 8 is one of my most favorite episodes. It has all the ingredients of a finest episode. The case begins as a very suspenseful story--first a person loses his life after his heart starts pounding vehemently in front of his girlfriend and bursts. Then there is a funny case of suicide where a man walks on air for a few seconds and then a black hole bank robbery. 

There are few scenes of Sam's recalling his moments with Amelia, his love interest when Dean was in Purgatory. Then there is also call from heaven for Castiel. Castiel's dialogues are funniest--his trying to be a hard cop for making a lady confess is hilarious.

The crimes are being executed by the director of the old house who is using an old psychic who is telekinetic. That old man lives in his dream world. It's very adventurous to see Castiel and Sam walk into the dream world of the old man. This makes for some of the finest moments in Supernatural. This episode begins as a very mysterious suspense thriller case and molds into a cartoon world and then there are hilarious dialogues. This is why i think it's one of my most favorite episodes on Supernatural. Thanks for reading!