Friday, 14 November 2014

Rohit Sharma's Double Double Centuries!

I used to be an ardent follower of cricket in my childhood days. Cricket like everything else, is changing everyday. I no longer follow Cricket or any other sports for that matter. I just read that Rohit Sharma, the opening batsman for Indian Cricket team in one day internationals has broken record by scoring his second double century!

In my childhood days, I watched Saeed Anwar of Pakistan create record of 193 runs in a one day international. In those days, we used to think that there would not be anyone breaking this record ever! But things have dramatically and totally changed since then--I for one seriously believe that I traverse through myriads of parallel universes everyday. Sachin Tendulkar created the record by scoring first double hundred in a one day international. I really don't know when and how and I am not very interested in knowing either. I just came to know that Rohit Sharma created another double hundred and it captured my imagination for a moment. 

It's not new as far as athletic feats or records are concerned. There was something similar in 400 meter race I read. Up until the record was not broken it was believed deeply that no one can break it and once it was broken everyone was breaking it with in a gap of every few years. Similarly until the psychological barrier of breaking the 200 runs record in one dayes was not broken, it seemed like an impossible task, but after it was broken once---a deep conviction in the collective psyche entered--that the record can be broken and you know the rest.

It is with all human feats. The problem is not just physiological and related to training and practice. It's more psychological in nature. Once a deep conviction gets rooted in the psyche that it can be done--you see miracles after miracles. 

Survival Style 5+

This is a Japanese comedy film. This movie is extremely hilarious and entertaining. There are very few comedies with such intelligent scripts. There are five stories running in parallel and characters from each one of them somehow affect the lives of others. 

I think you will love watching the first story in particular. This story reminds me of Vikram-Betaal sagas from Indian fiction. There was a king named Vikram and there was a spirit called Betaal. Every time Vikram kills the spirit it comes back to him. Similarly, in the first story of this film-there is a woman who beats her husband and his husband somehow manages to kill her and he buries her only to soon find that his wife is waiting to kick him again at his home! This keeps going on and on with manners of execution changing every time and this makes for an extremely hilarious story which has a air of horror mystery as well. Rest of the stories are also intriguing...some more than others and I don't want to spoil them for you. 

I would give this movie 8 out of 10. It's very enjoyable.  

image sources: The husband and the bird
The hitman and the contractor