Monday, 3 November 2014

Amadeus(1984): A film on life of Mozart

Amadeus is a masterpiece by Milos Forman. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest is perhaps his greatest film. This film is then the second best. This is the best musical drama I have ever seen--and why not, since it narrates the key events in the life of one of the greatest musical talents ever.

Ironically as I was going through the biographical introduction of Antonio Salieri on Wikipedia, after watching the movie, I realized that Salieri's work became more popular in twentieth century, after this film became popular. How tragically ironic indeed! This film is strictly from the perspective of Mozart's secret formidable rival Antonio Salieri. This gives a sense that upto an extent events in Mozart's life were controlled by Salieri. True, but not his music--his sheer musical genius soared up in the skies--uninhibited. The limit posed on his life-span only made it more beautiful work art than perhaps it would have been, otherwise!

This film runs a whopping 180+ minutes in director's cut. This is a very enjoyable work of art which brings about sentiments of not-so-unfamiliar wasting of another genius. I think passion and genius are synonymous. Having read biographies of many geniuses or having seen portrayal of their lives onscreen has brought same feelings in me again and again; as if there's a certain magical pattern. You read biographies of Oscar Wilde, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Kishore Kumar or John Nash and this same sentiment comes to the fore. Genius, especially in arts--is not a life lived perfectly well. Rather it's a passionate current which burns a few things around it in a most unpredictable manner!

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