Friday, 24 October 2014

Upstream Color

It's a 2013 movie- written, directed and produced by Shane Carruth. He is also in a lead role in this film. This movie is a mysterious work of art where creator has left pieces of puzzle. The puzzle cannot be solved but you might enjoy this movie if you like modern art. 

The movie has a few good qualities. It's about a mysterious blue dust--which might be either a scientific substance or a supernatural or an alien element or organism. Exactly what it was i couldn't figure out and i am sorry for that. The good thing is that movie has a very amazing soundtrack. The bad thing is that story, though unconventional, gets boring for me. A movie might be an unsolvable puzzle like works of David Lynch or very mysterious and unpredictable like those by Christopher Nolan but this is not a qualifying criterion to be boring. It's not wise to invest much time analyzing a movie you didn't like much. I would go with 6 stars out of 10.