Thursday, 23 October 2014

I love Jalaluddin Rumi

I came across these two wonderful videos shared by my Google+ friends. The first one above is a short compilation of Rumi quotations. These are the words of highest wisdom full of inebriated love of self. The video is just about six minutes long and it has very serene music with these words full of love and wisdom. I know that you would love watching it!

I know that I am Rumi. I so love Rumi that i cannot express it in words! I know that Rumi is in me. I am in Rumi. Because of immense love i and Rumi have become. I love Rumi who is a drunkard. Who is inebriated in the love. Who drinks nectar of blissful inner wordless music and has become a drunkard one with everything.

The video below a gift of love has beautiful commentary on Rumi's poems. The commentators have most magnetic voices and if you start communion with Rumi you start losing yourself in love which is beyond expression. It has enchanting music and it's so full of love that you don't realize when it begins and when it ends.

image source :here

Sounds of Space and Voice of Earth

You would find that these sounds are very pleasant melodies--they're much better than anything you have heard in science-fiction movies. They're very subtle and soothing. I have been listening to such pleasant melodies for more than a decade now without any external physical instrument just with the help of ultra sensitive internal ears. Though they are not isolated but mixed and I cannot point out which sound belongs to which planet, star or supernova. Australian Astrophysicist Paul Francis published a paper more than a decade ago consisting many such sounds created by modulating EM waves from events like Big Bang, creation of Sun, Black Holes etc. It was very pleasant hearing these melodies  . Thanks for sharing. Have a pleasant day :) 

Waking Life Movie

Richard Linklater's Waking Life is one of its own kind movie. It's a gripping, original and thought provoking movie. The title is ironic because it's a very long lucid dream of a boy which contains multiple endless layers of lucid dreams one inside another. Upon reflection it's not that ironic at all because our waking life is really a dream life. 

This movie has a subtle feel of being dream-like as all the scenes keep on floating on the surface of consciousness. In my opinion it's not as dream-like as Lynchian movies because of consistency of the anchor subject to whom all the dreams happen. It's not as eerie as most of the Lynchian cinema but it's definitely very epistemological. The boy encounters a wide variety of people- many of them are intellectuals and discussions on existentialism, life, dreams, death, anarchy and evolution are very engrossing. The trip is worth taking.