Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Argument Against Reincarnation

I was watching movie Waking Life which has many philosophical discussions inside a lucid dream realm. In one of the discussions there is an argument against reincarnation. I have heard it often earlier. The argument goes like this:

"The population on earth has doubled in last few centuries, where these extra souls are coming from?"

This is a naive argument. I don't intend to speak for or against reincarnation but let me just state why I feel the aforesaid argument is not a well-formed argument.

First--The theory of reincarnation in Hinduism and Buddhism considers all living organisms as souls which means that unless you're able to keep track of souls of all living organisms(which seems just impossible with current state of scientific advancement!) you can not really say that more human populations might be some of the souls from lower life forms evolving to take human births.

Second--There is a great possibility of existence of intelligent life forms in other galaxies, solar systems and planets, which means that your soul might have taken birth previously in other solar system(perhaps at the center of Milky Way galaxy)

Third--The very same religions which propound about reincarnation emphasize on various other realms of existence with vast populations--therefore you cannot have any idea whatsoever about the number of souls in other realms. In which case, comparing the number of humans with previous centuries and discarding theory of reincarnation on the basis of that is just illogical. 

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