Tuesday, 21 October 2014

How to help your world?

The world is not out there, it's in your mind. The world is neutral. It's neither for you nor against you. Your state of mind creates your world. If you're happy the world looks like a paradise. If you're feeling miserable the world appears to be a hell.

The conspiratorial frame of mind paints world in colors of gigantic conspiracy. The optimistic frame of mind makes world look like a heaven. The world is neither a conspiracy nor a heaven. The world exists in your mind. When your mind is calm the whole universe becomes still

Your world is a very private world. It's not made of stars. It's made of your thoughts. The glass is neither half full nor half empty, because there is neither glass nor water just thoughts!

When you focus on positive thoughts--you're choosing to make a positive world. It's very easy to do. You have to choose to appreciate everything good and beautiful around you and by and by you would find that there is nothing bad left at all. 

If you love yourself and accept yourself in totally you make a world which is loving. In order to alleviate the suffering of the world you have to uproot first the deep rooted suffering in your psyche. Only when you're beyond the need of help you can help. The best help you can offer anyone is to make them capable of being beyond the need of all help. This can happen only if you first make yourself beyond the need of the help. 

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