Sunday, 19 October 2014

Equilibrium--An incredible action thriller

Kurt Wimmer's Equilibrium starring Christian Bale is a sci-fi action thriller. It intends to show importance of feelings in human society. In a future world when third world war has destroyed most of the resources--whatever is left is governed by a society which is strictly against the emotions. Every citizen is compelled to inject himself with Prozium everyday. Those who resist such society are called Resistance.

An officer on the side of government who is a skilled executioner of resistance people accidentally starts feeling and turns himself against the government joining the Resistance. Ultimately he restores the society to feeling population--in other words Resistance triumphs.

This movie has breathtaking action which reminded me of Kill Bill volumes. The initial action sequence with just a few minutes into the movie--shot in the dark is incredible and I have not seen anything like that  earlier ever. The soundtrack is good and Christian Bale, as always is astoundingly well. The movie has a good plot which touches the sensitive issue of feelings and their roles in shaping our lives. The verdict seems to be that it's not feelings which create evil but something else. The government which had eradicated feelings was even more evil than the Resistance. This shows that by just removing feelings you cannot solve all the problems. I would give this movie 8 out of 10. 

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