Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Yakuro - Blue... The Color Of Dreams

Someone shared this video on Google Plus today. I had not seen any of the work by artist Yakuro previously. But this video just made me love his work. The video has subtlety, depth, profundity and love. It uses the language of dreams and it could have many interpretations because it's a dream. What a lovely dream indeed. It's raining and there are many umbrellas and a mysterious lady. There is a mysterious black cat and a mysterious--absent minded man with an umbrella. Great melodious music and beautiful natural scenery which is not too vivid because it's a dream. I would like to hear your thoughts about this video.


Body inside Mind or Mind inside Body?

You have heard the saying "a sound mind lives in a sound body." Have you ever wondered that it might be the other way around? Yes, Yoga teaches us that it's not mind that lives in the body but body that lives in the mind

See, you feel your body not as a whole but as an image of individual sensations combined together by mind and memory. It might be slightly difficult to understand--but it's very easy to see this--you feel more of a body part when it's stressed--if you have a headache you feel head, if you have toothache, you feel tooth and so on. When you are very relaxed you don't really feel any part of the body. If you meditate and go very deep into it you would realize that body has disappeared and if you go even deeper even the mind will disappear and only the presence 'I am' will remain.

You have projected the mind and mind has projected the body and withdrawal also happens in the same order--you realize that body sensations have disappeared when you feel very relaxed and then mind disappears and you alone remain. 

You might feel eerie and say " I don't believe it because it's not logical." I see myself having a body. Yes, you see that there is a body---by which media you come to know that?

It's our train of thoughts which keeps on creating a picture of our body moment after moment by collecting all the perceptions from different organs/parts of the body---if there is lacking some sensation--the memory fills the gap and you continue to believe that you have a body. Similarly you project this universe whereas you believe that you are a product of universe!

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Supernatural--Season 9

As I started watching the season 1 of Supernatural, I found it slightly boring. I thought that may be it's overrated. Then I thought that the show has been running for very long and yet it's so highly rated; therefore, it must have improved over the years--so I decided to jump over the seasons and started watching the Season 9 directly. And yes, I was right about the improvement bit.

In Season 9, I see that there are too many parallel plot lines interwoven in a most intriguing way. There are angels, there are demons, there are witches and cannibals and so much of mystery and magic in various episodes. I see that Dean Winchester(Jensen Ackles) has not aged at all over the years but Sam Winchester(Jared Padalecki) looks older--may be because it's demanded by the script or may be because he has really aged more; though their voices have become heavier. It's obvious that their acting has improved a lot. Sound-tracks are more enchanting now and scripts are tighter than they used to be. There is more element of comical humor and surprise and I love the overall execution of various plot-lines. 

I think there is no problem in rating season 9 episodes with 9+ points out of ten. Where there used to be only two of them hunting in the season 1, you see that they have quite a team now. Almost every new episode picks a new thread while weaving something from old threads together--giving rise to a perfect supernatural television show. I hope that season 10 would be even more better. 

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