Saturday, 11 October 2014

Haider: Vishal Bhardwaj's Take on Hamlet

Haider has two layers of entertainment in it: boring and more boring. It's a very long film with very little substance in it. Pre-interval it's too boring and post-interval it's boring. Acting is weak especially from Shahid Kapoor and at times I thought it was Shabana Azmi when I looked at Tabu! I liked only one song in cemetery which has philosophical substance to it. 

Vishal's attempt at doing everything in his film himself makes it a very weak film. Dialogues lyrics and other aspects are weak. It was better when he used to co-work with Gulzar and Rehman. The run-time is too long with substantially no real character-build-up. I found Omkara(which was also an adaptation of Shakespeare's work) better than this one. Omkara had better dialogues, better acting and better element of surprise .This movie is not just overrated--it's hyper rated. 

Why spend much time on analyzing a movie which you didn't like? I have most of the remarks only for those movies which moved me to write. Then why I chose to express my ideas for this one--because it's too overrated in my opinion. An unbelievable 8.9 on IMDb? I cannot give it more than 7.5--that too because of couple of songs and post interval sequences. Remove the first half of the movie and it would yet stand as what it's.   

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Saviour Syndrome, Emergency and Messiahs

Conspiratorial frame of mind, which is also pessimistic frame of mind deeply believes in the horrors of existence. Human body, mind, family, work-place, dwelling-place, state, country and planet along with other worlds are all conspiracies according to it. The whole universe is a big giant conspiracy waiting to catch you up or perhaps you are already caught.

It's either Reptilians or  Sirians or  Orions or Illuminati or Dark Lord Lucifer or Karma. Something or many things together are out there to catch you. You are always in dire need of help and hence the need of saviours and gurus and messiahs. 

The surest sign that you're talking to a person who isn't in possession of complete Truth is--Emergency or Urgency for change. Saviours and Messiahs posing themselves as the only true ones stress on emergency. Today or Never they say. The world is on fire they say. There is an urgent need of mutation in mass consciousness they say. All lies, perhaps self-deception--because those in the shoes of saviours themselves don't know what they are up to.

If cosmos is a conspiracy--let it be. If I am supposed to burn in hellfire without a messiah--let me. The fact is--if there is an ultimate intelligence--it has taken everything in account and whether I follow a messiah or not it is there to make score clear in the end. The entirety of existence is a great plan in which small accidents might happen. There is no urgency or emergency. This is not the first world, neither it's the last. Why every Guru, Saviour or Messiah stresses upon the urgency? Because unless it's urgent you will not hearken to them and unless you hearken to them you will not follow them and if you not follow them they lose their grandeur and power. If there is no problem in your life a guru or messiah would create one. Yes, ego is synonymous with a prophet or messiah--ego loves puzzles to puzzle you. First it creates problems then it solves them to feel bigger. There is really no need of any saviour or guru because there isn't any emergency. If not now you would find the way later--if not in this world you find the way in other world. The way has to be found and you have to be liberated ultimately. 

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