Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Edge of Tomorrow

This is the second science-fiction film after Oblivion where I see Tom Cruise in action this year. Reading trivia on IMDb I came to know that he had just one week after Oblivion before starting to work on this one. I think Tom Cruise is doing many such movies these days. This is a great film because of many reasons. It has a very good script and good action. It has good acting and cinematography. 

This film involves a time-loop quite similar to the one you have seen in Groundhog day. It's different from that film because it involves a war scenario. In GD the cause of time-loop was never apparent whereas in this film it's clear to audience. In spite of that it never becomes annoying because of its Deja-vus. 

This film also reminded me of Triangle which also involves an infinite time-loop. But the time-loop in Triangle is mythological mystery--perhaps indicating a situation like eternal damnation of Sisyphus. This film has an optimistic time-loop where chances of exiting out of time-loop exist no matter how slender they look. You as audience enjoy learning nuances of combat with Alpha and Omega. 

This also points towards the psychic or paranormal abilities of protagonist which aren't actually psychic or paranormal but rather result of living same day again and again. It might make you think--is it possible that many of those who have such abilities are actually in an eternal recurrence loop but are far advanced than you? Or perhaps they are in a different quantum line of events where they have already lived their lives many times before!   

In any case, this is a great entertainer--an intelligent alien invasion film where again I did not like much the way aliens are portrayed as invaders but I did like that they're very very intelligent.

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