Thursday, 18 September 2014

Create your own meditation sanctuary

If you practice meditation you might like to build your own meditation sanctuary. It's a little space which you give yourself for meditation regularly. It might be a secluded corner of your house, or a place in a park where you can meditate everyday or it might be in a hut in a jungle--it depends on you. 

What is really important is to regularly practice at the same place everyday. By doing so that place will get charged with positive emanations from you. These vibrations would keep on accumulating there day after day and they would make it an appropriate atmosphere for your meditation practice. It would become more and more easier for you to practice as the time passes by because of the very vibrations created by your regular practice. 

It's a fact that those who have sensitized themselves enough are able to feel vibrations of an atmosphere much more quickly than others. Their minds work like antennas to receive signals from atmosphere. The places which naturally make you feel calm and positive are most suited for meditation. If you could arrange a place near a water source it would be excellent as it helps dissolve some of the negative energy off your system easily. There are places of unique anthropological importance for such practices--for example pyramidal and dome like designs are considered powerful conduits to channel positive cosmic energy into the structures --therefore they are most suited for such practice if you could find silent surroundings as well. 

meditation sanctuary

It's good to have an isolated place where you don't have the fear of getting distracted. A place where telephone, cellphone, television, vehicle horns and other people chattering can't disturb you. If you could arrange a place where other people don't enter except for meditation--it would be best. It's important to realize that if many sincere people meditate together in a place--it's very likely to make it charged quickly with a positive vibrational energy---so actual requirement is not of making yourself alienated from everyone but rather that of getting rid of noises and disturbances.

A place which is neither too cold nor too hot should be chosen for meditation. It should be free from rodents, roaches, flies, insects and mosquitoes. There should not be a lot of things in the place where you meditate--that is to say--to have a lot of open space and fresh air is good for meditation.  

To have some good plants, trees or pebbles around would be good if it's an open space, but if it's a closed space it is good to have some soothing paintings or sceneries on walls. It's not a good practice to use incense or fragrances if you want to pull sensory or pranic currents inwards during meditation because they tend to pull your sense of smell outside. 

The places where many people have meditated for many years are very good for your practice. If there are any places in your vicinity where some saints have done their meditation practice in the past--they would be excellent for your practice. I visited Osho international foundation's meditation resort in 2009 in Pune. There they have this pyramidal premise for meditation and there is a water pool next to it. Visitors are allowed only to stand near the water pool and they cannot enter inside the pyramidal structure---as I was standing near the pool during my visit---some kind of spiritual current which was titillating touched me and that positive spiritual vibration stayed with me for at least 5 days afterwards. Similarly if you visit Aurobindo's shrine in Pondicherry you would find a great silence there most suitably charged for meditation. 

It's important to create a meditation sanctuary or find one for quick and long term progress in meditation.

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