Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Last Supper and The Blood Brotherhood

In his book In Search of the Miraculous, Ouspensky gives an intriguing account of The Last Supper, in chapter V. Quoting Gurdjieff, he tells that the last supper was in fact a magical ceremony belonging to the blood brotherhood.

Gurdjieff tells to his pupil that astral communication is possible between two beings who possess astral body. Such a communication takes place without the material language as we know it. Such a communication can be established between living and living or living and dead. In order to establish a communication with a person living or dead it's necessary to have an object which belonged to that person. 

Blood Brotherhood

Then he goes on to explain blood brotherhood. He says that it is a magic rite among the people of a group who wanted to establish an astral connection with each other. They all mix their blood in a cup and then drink from it--thus establishing a connection which would last even after death. He goes on to say that Jesus gave his blood and flesh(not wine and bread) to those of his disciples who gathered for The Last Supper. In order to make them connected to him even after death. 

Why did Gurdjieff take this example?

Because one of the pupils asked a question to him about Truth in existing religions. Gurdjieff  told them that when a master is present the truth is whole as observed by him but when he passes--the Truth or the teaching passes through many people and becomes distorted and more distorted and becomes horrendous--totally opposed to what it was originally. It is the case with most of the religions and cults.

I think I support this theory of communication. This is a very realistic proposition. But what I disagree with is that what Gurdjieff propounded about The Last Supper was Truth. The saying goes to trust those who consider themselves the seekers of truth and to distrust those who think(or say) that they have found it!  

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