Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Internet Represents Noosphere

Noosphere is not exactly synonymous with universal mind, but I don't think that there is much difference between two, because of the way I perceive the terms. Noosphere is source of your thoughts. Yes, your thoughts don't come from your inside, they come from outside. Interesting thing is--the type of thoughts which rush towards you are in sync with your frequency of vibration. In other words, if you think positive, more and more positive thoughts rush towards you and if you think negative, more and more negative thoughts will rush towards you. 

New Thought Movement's Law of Attraction is a great deal based on the similar concept, albeit with a lot more of optimism than scientific rigor would allow. Like attracts like, think and grow rich and other self-help catch-phrases are cliches of the day now. 

World Wide Web is pretty much mini-Noosphere. You try it yourself--I think you have already done it hundreds of times by now. If you are frustrated and want to commit suicide--Google will help you with hundreds of books and articles to do so. If you want to get rich type those words and internet would pour out millions of articles before you on the subject. Those are some of the very general ideas. Now lets look at some particular states of mind. If you are thinking about a person X, who is a public figure, see how internet would play a role like Noosphere for you. We suppose you are naive and know nothing about X-then if you type X is a great man --you will find hundreds of sources giving logical reasons--about why X is really such a great man. You read through those sources and you might even become convinced of your predilection. Instead, if you choose to type X is an agent of Illuminati(well not all of us consider illuminati bad, so this is just for sake of example that I am considering Illuminati as bad.) you will find equally convincing logical arguments(Well that much for logic or reason!against Mr. X. Type X is Satan and you would get a lot of citations supporting your thinking. Which one is true? Either X is a great man or an agent of Illuminati or Satan incarnate or all of it together, a walking coherence of all absurdities!

Take any subject of study and if you are careful enough to study it from many angles, you would find that internet would leave you confused. It's not to suggest that internet should never be considered as a reliable source for studies of any kind. But it's true that internet would provide you quick rush of positive as well as negative ideas on any subject. Internet does represent Noosphere at a small scale and reason why it's a small scale representation is because it's very young--just a crawling baby. If this civilizations continues to exist for  a while internet would represent more and more of Noosphere--it would become a siamese twin of Universal Mind for most of the cases. Internet either amplifies your doubts on a subject or increases your appreciation for it or best renders you confused based on what you are ready for!

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