Saturday, 13 September 2014

Satan Junior versus Satan Senior

Gnostic world view considers world as an evil place. The world is imperfect. It's full of accidents, catastrophes, conspiracies and suffering. It's full of bullshit, horseshit and cowshit. The imperfect world means imperfect creator. The blame is put on our good old Satan. Poor Satan says " I am not to blame." I was designed to torture you and suck your blood. I was created to make French Fries using your body(with a grin!). 

Jokes apart, Gnostic world view suggests that creator of this world is Demiurge. Well, the very word means "half creator." That is, the material and spirits are supplied by God, Satan's father, and Satan plays the creator, engineer, ruler, torturer and regulator. "But why am I being cooked in this father-son game," you may ask. To be honest, I don't know what the shit is actually happening either. But on the whole, it seems that God is responsible for Satan and he is the cause of imperfect world. Is he imperfect then?

Satan and God

Then there might be two frames of mind Conspiratorial and Pollyanna.

Conspiratorial frame of mind says: The world is a jail. Jailer and the father of jailer are both masochistic sadists. We were created to suffer. Then, there is no liberation, no freedom, no free-will. This hopeless world-view says that the man is born in tentacles, lives as a slave and dies in chains. Even if there are reincarnations--they are the rehashing of same old story.

Optimistic viewpoint says: The world is like a small purgatory. It's not the only realm. There are many other realms where consciousness is more refined and matter is less dense. There are higher heavens where pain is lesser and lesser. Then there is liberation of soul. Looking at the whole of the cosmos and regarding our world as only a tiny fragment of it, under the impression that other vast realms of pure joy and bliss exist, we feel that God is not evil after all. He is full of love and light and bliss. That is why we strive so hard to find true happiness and peace after all.

The negative world view gives a definite answer to the question "why we are here?" It says that there is no God--there is smaller Satan and bigger Satan. We are their playthings, servants and slaves. We are here to chant their names, to serve them without questioning, to pay ovation to them and to sing their praises. We are bound to live like this forever. Liberation is a dream of powerful imagination of man which was created to serve purposes of Satan.

The positive world view however, leaves many questions unanswered--"why this purgatory?" Why God needed to play with himself? Why the accident of birth of Demiurge occurred in the first place? Such questions are not answered. But this world view is full of hope(and holes!) and points towards a powerful entity full of love and light, ever ready to help those who want to be helped. This leads again to the question of imperfect creator though: "If there was an accident because of which we were created, there must be an imperfect creator." --then there is another question---where is the perfect creator and is he really a perfect creator?   

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The Song of Crickets

सुनता हूँ रातों को,
कुछ झींगुरों की विरहा, 

हर रात कुछ नया साज़ लाते हैं;
किसी को बुलाते हैं,

मौन सा आता है सुनकर उन्हें,
कौन आता है सुनकर उन्हें?

मैने कभी किसी को नहीं देखा;
पर वे हर रात मदमस्त गाते हैं;
शायद गाना उन्हें पसंद हैं!