Sunday, 31 August 2014

Dexter and Kira

Note: This article contains spoilers. 

Dexter is a TV series which narrates the events in the life of a serial killer called Dexter. Kira is the name of the serial killer in the animated TV series Death Note. These two serials have gained wide critical acclaim and I also liked both of them. 

There are many parallels between these two characters. There are many differences as well. Since these two serials have serial killers as their main characters--they don't really portray them as evil--though towards the climax you might find their comeuppance(I am not yet done with Dexter)--while watching them you find that the whole story revolves around them. What affects me in particular is the narration of the events which is almost always from the viewpoints of Dexter and Kira--especially in case of Dexter--where you find a great introspection and contemplation switching through phases towards bright and dark sides of human psyche.

I find Dexter more humane than Kira. We see that Kira(Light Yagami) was initially a bright student who by a chance event gets his hands upon a dangerous book called 'Death Note'--this at first reinforces in him a tendency to make society a better place by killing criminals--but later on--this becomes a need--a need to kill--a need to be feared---then it becomes a megalomania and we see Kira  as intent on becoming a God--the highest, most feared and most worshiped personality in the world. He seems more of a selfish tyrant ready to sacrifice anyone or everyone when compared to Dexter. In case of Dexter, with what I have seen till now--I find that audience can relate to him more than to Kira. Dexter doesn't seem to become a megalomaniac by a chance event--there is a detailed history of events pointing to the causes which made him a sociopath. But Dexter's self-knowledge is amazing. His monologue is often very comical and philosophical at the same time. Kira is more of an intellectual whereas Dexter is more of a skilled artist.

Needless to say that both of them have codes which they use to kill--Dexter calls it Harry's Code--a set of rules given to him by his stepfather, whereas Kira makes his own set of rules. These codes are fragile and they are there just to make them feel that they are doing it for good especially in case of Kira.

Is it some kind of coincidence that both of these TV series started in 2006? My brief research doesn't lead me anywhere and you may know better but that these two characters have striking resemblance is not deniable in my opinion. Both Kira and Dexter are supported by the fate--many events where mystery, suspense and thrill gets higher and higher turn out in their favor--without their having to do anything. Both of them have got the inside information from the departments which are trying to hunt them down--which makes it a kind of intriguing contest to watch. They both believe in a higher power which is protecting them and they thrive on the attention given to them by the masses which labels them as 'savior'.

These two scripts are brilliant and some of the most diligently done stories ever. You don't find too many plot holes. Execution of the victims in case of Kira is easier because of the magical note book but in case of Dexter it's more practical and difficult. This is what makes Dexter slightly gory to watch and this even becomes a handicap for Dexter who has to get rid of the body parts after every execution. Dexter does not kill as many people as many are killed in a season--that is, you find more dialogues and monologues in Dexter than killing events whereas Kira kills dozens per episode. Kira is more of an intellectual's series and I suppose it was written by a very meticulous writer, whereas, Dexter is supposed to be comical, thrilling and mysterious one  containing all elements of a good TV series. I found Death Note to have a better sound track than Dexter. I think that in spite of lack of colors in the animation--Death Note impressed me more than Dexter has done till now.

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लिखता हूँ नगमें,
कुछ तेरे भी हैं,
कुछ मेरे भी हैं,
चाहत दिलों की है,
दिल तेरे भी हैं,
दिल मेरे भी हैं,
सोचता हूँ चेहरे,
कुछ तेरे भी हैं,
कुछ मेरे भी हैं,
दूरियाँ दिलों की हैं,
घर तेरे भी हैं,
घर मेरे भी हैं,
खोजता हूँ मंजिलें,
राहें तेरी भी हैं,
राहें मेरी भी हैं,
कारवाँ बहुत से हैं,
ठिकाने तेरे भी हैं,
ठिकाने मेरे भी हैं,
हलक में हैं प्यासें,
लब तेरे भी हैं,
लब मेरे भी हैं,
पाता हूँ तुझको,
और खो देता हूँ,
नसीब तेरे भी हैं,
नसीब मेरे भी हैं|


इक जाम मयस्सर प्याले में,
हर शाम मुबारक होती है,
हम आस लगाये रहते हैं,
बस दिल में आहट होती है,
दो बूंद कहीं से मिल जायें,
हर लब पर चाहत होती है,
जाम छलकते प्यालों से भी,
कुछ यूँ तो इबादत होती है|

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