Thursday, 28 August 2014


चलो एक काम करते हैं;

जिंदगी नीलाम करते हैं ;

देखो कौन क्या बोली लगायेगा;

देखने तो मिलेगा कि;

कौन कौन आयेगा;

कुछ बैरी भी सौदागर बन जायेंगे;

कुछ अपने फिर भेष बदल आयेंगे;

जिंदगी के खरीददार यूं बहुत से आयेंगे;

पर जिंदगी की हो परख जिन्हें;

क्या वे जौहरी भी आयेंगे?;

चलो इस बोली को रद्‌द करते हैं;

जिंदगी अनमोल है ;

फिर कुछ जद्दोजहद करते हैं।


Lets do this-
bidding of 'life';
let us see, who quotes what;
we shall see-
many people gather;
a few foes would turn into merchants;
some well wishers would come in guise;
there would be many buyers;
but those who value 'life'-
would they also come?
lets cancel the bidding;
life is precious;
strive again!

X Men Days of Future Past is enjoyable but lacks a plot

Let me admit at first that I have neither read comics series nor enjoyed many X-men movies previously. Now having admitted that--I did enjoy this movie to the full. This movie reminded me of Inception --not only just the action taking place in many(two) locations/realms--but also the music which was quite similar to Inception. 

I have always enjoyed magic tricks and supernatural powers displayed by mutant heroes but I like Xavier and Magneto in particular. Their powers seem majestic. In effect, Xavier is most powerful conjurer but it's Magneto who steals the show every time! What I have always failed to understand is--why Logan is treated as the lead--anyone who is a fan/expert of X-men reading this note--kindly enlighten me! Logan doesn't have great powers when compared to his fellow members of his cabal--yet--he seems to be the hero in every movie--that is why Hugh Jackman who happens to be relatively big star of the cast  performs as Logan.

Spoilers Alert                                  Spoilers Alert                          Spoilers Alert The time-travel-twist is hackneyed rehash which reached to its zenith long ago in movies like Back to the future and The Butterfly Effect; hence has no appeal at all. I wondered why the event of killing the scientist is made as a turning point--when it seems so illogical a proportion--it's evident that the scientist had already found the blood samples of Raven and he was hell-bent on getting more of her DNA samples no matter whether she killed him or not--so the emphasis must have been kept on saving her or changing attitude of scientist rather than on preventing the singular event portrayed as the turning point in the plot. 

Plot has weaknesses but I enjoyed action and thrill. I have not enjoyed this much action in any movie after Avengers. Though I feel that X-man fans have hyper-rated the movie and they are very likely to normalize later on as more and more people watch this movie. there are two types of movies--a few like those made by Lynch and Nolan are treated as cult classics at first but later on gain a wider audience and their rating improves in times whereas there are others which are hyper-rated but later on as more and more people watch them--they fail to cast their magic because of inherent weaknesses and hence their ratings diminish in time. 

In any case you can watch the movie to enjoy the action and majeek!

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