Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Gravity is a gripping thriller

Gravity is a different type of thriller movie which is very enjoyable and gripping. Your bond with the leads who are trying to survive in a zero gravity situation where it's so  difficult to navigate builds up very soon and then it stays until end credits don't start  to roll and may be stays even after that. This movie makes you feel weightlessness(lack of gravity) as well as how dangerous it might become for space explorers at times. It fills you with a sense of wonder and you think that shooting must have been very difficult to do even in a simulated environment for this film.

Even after all the scientific progress we have made in the last century we are not even like a crawling baby when it comes to space. It's too difficult for space explorers and researchers out there. We have seen that we are way behind of achieving from what was imagined in earlier decades of last century about space exploration. We have seen that most popular space exploration cinema like 2001: A Space Odyssey((Actually Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke did.) etc. projected an image of our reaching to furthest corners of our solar system by this time but we have not done very much after Moon. I am not an expert and I think most of us are not when it comes to space but one thing which is quite obvious is--lack of advancement in the space by our civilization(as compared to what was imagined/expected by our forefathers) is frustrating at times.

There is a whole lot of mystery out there waiting to be unraveled and vast space waiting to be explored! This is a great movie to watch.

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