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Eternal Recurrence, Reincarnation and Deja-Vus

Very long ago when I used to be a child, one fine sunny morning my grand -uncle was talking to me. He said to me " You and I have lived many times before but we just don't know." The idea which crossed my mind was that like amor fati of Nietzsche--that everything which has happened to me, or, is happening to me or will happen to me--is fixed and has really occurred in the history of universe(I was not familiar with parallel universes by then!) infinite number of times. 

I did not realize that my great uncle was repeating the reincarnation theory in the fashion of Krishna, who said to Arjuna--the warrior " Don't think that you me and others present here were not there earlier or will not be there again; we have taken many births, I remember all of them but you don't." Later on I became familiar with Bhagvad Gita--the song of Krishna and with the reincarnation theory and law of Karma etc. but the thought of eternal recurrence stayed with me. 

When I grew up and started having many Deja-vu experiences--I thought that they were because of some dreams which reveal about future places and people and it's just that I cannot remember them well enough--but later on I started to feel that it's because of the practice of meditation that I sometimes got tuned-up with source of totality of existence--due to that tuning up--some of the key persons or places in this life(which is of-course a 'pattern'  ) strike me as if I have known them before and that is with great striking intensity.

I don't fully buy the idea of Nietzsche's eternal recurrence because at one point or another a soul which is trapped in this material universe in body consciousness-will get liberated and wil never return from the source of infinite joy and peace. But there is a possibility that there would be a life-story  exactly similar to that of mine--because same set of life-events keep on repeating in infinite number of universes. It's not that there would be a soul having all incarnations same as there were mine--but there would be many souls who would have exactly same lives as I had in some of the incarnations---what it means can be understood by an example---If I was born in 1888 and lived for 100 years and then got liberated from the cycles of birth and death---there might be someone who would eventually get liberated in the same fashion---i. e. he would be born in 1888 and live for 100 years and then get liberated in another cycle of this universe or in a parallel universe. But what is important to note is--it's not necessary that the incarnations which I had previous to the one I had in 1888--in which I was preparing for final incarnation; would match with the other person who had a similar final incarnation.

Therefore what I mean is--there is eternal recurrence of event-sets in cosmos but not for the same person. 

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General combinations for writers in a horoscope

In general we should observe following factors for a career in writing in a horoscope:

a. Mercury--its strength in radix, navamsa and divisional charts. Associations to it by aspects and conjunctions in radix and navamsa charts.

b. The third house--its strength, the occupants and aspects to the house. The dignity of lord of third house in the radix and divisional charts especially in navamsa and dasamansa. The associations by conjunction and aspects for the lord of the third house.  
c. The fifth house--its strength. The dignity of lord of the house in the radix and divisional charts especially in navamsa and dasamansa. The associations by conjunction and aspects for the lord.

d. Karkamsa Lagna---Please see articles  A and B for combinations in the Karkamsa lagna for writers. 

e. Third house from Mercury--The occupants and aspects to the house. The dignity of lord of the house in the radix and divisional charts especially in navamsa and dasamansa. The associations by conjunction and aspects for the lord.

f. Moon conjunct Neptune: 

The influence of Neptune over Moon(mind) makes one capable of inhabiting skin of other people. The ability to feel how others feel makes one capable of creating many powerful fictional characters. This ability also helps one empathize with others.

Mercury is most important planet for careers in writing because when it is strong it confers the ability to articulate, narrate, create stories. If Mercury is dignified in radix and navamsa charts--i.e. it's either exalted or in its own rashi--it becomes a good combination for writing. Conjunctions and associations with other planets which are dignified also give writing ability to the native. Exaltation of Mercury in navamasa and dasamasa makes one an able writer. The association of Mercury with the lord of Dasamsa is also a good combination.

If Arudha Lagna falls in the third house or has Mercury in it or its lord is Mercury--it suggests a native capable of writing easily--though chart must be thoroughly checked for actual realization of such potential.

  The third house in horoscope is important for writers because it's a house of hands-on learning, packaging and communicating. Stelliums or many planets in this house support writing. Aspect from Mercury or association of its lord with Mercury also support writing career. If the lord of the third house is well dignified in radix and navamasa charts--it's a good combination for a career in writing. Association of  dignified Rahu with the third house or its lord is also a good combination for writing.

The fifth house is house for creative expression and celebrity. If the fifth house has Mercury in it or a lot of planets in it--it's a good combination for writing. The lord of the fifth house well dignified in radix and navamsa houses and/or associated with Mercury also suggest a good career in writing. Rahu in the fifth house suggests an ability to express and gain attention by writing. 

The third from Mercury should also be observed. If it has a natural or temporal benefic then it's a good combination for a writer. The lord of the third from Mercury associated with it is a good combination for an author. If the lord of the third is well dignified in radix and navamsa charts-- it's a good combination for a writer.

For autobiographical writers--association of other houses/Mercury must be with the lord of the first house. Mercury in the first house or the lord of the first house in with Mercury or the lord of the first house situated in the third from Mercury suggest autobiographical authors.

For philosophical-religious writers--The ninth house and its lord must be associated with Mercury or situated in the third or fifth houses.

For mystical writers--The eighth and/or twelfth houses must have and their lords must be associated with Mercury or Rahu or the third lord. The lord of the third house in eighth or twelfth is a good combination for mystery writers. Similarly the the Mercury placed in eighth or twelfth house make for a good writer.

Strong Mercury associated with the tenth house or its lord suggests great public visibility and hence recognition for writings.

I have not covered many of the combinations but what has been covered must be good for starting your analysis. For better references and examples you might like to visit Barbara's page.
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Ram of Kabir (कबीर के राम)

          एक राम दशरथ का बेटा, एक राम घट घट में लेटा !         
                    एक राम का सकल पसारा, एक राम सबहूँ ते न्यारा !                                                                                                                                                             ---कबीर

     There is a Ram who is son of king Dashrath, a Ram inside everyone of us.
               A Ram who has created this all and there is one who is beyond all these!


Great saints of middle age in India like Kabirdas, Nanak, Raidas and Dariya saheb have used words like Ram, Govind and Hari in their teachings, sayings and songs. They did not really mean to suggest about avataras of bramh by using these names but rather they were pointing to the God beyond name and form or pointing to the word of God which is the positive force in the universe.

Take the couplet quoted above for example--in this beautiful succinct couplet saint Kabir has told about four entities all known as Ram . The first Ram is the most famous avatara who is the son of king Dashratha--who slayed demon king Ravana--he was an avatara of Bramh. The second one is 'mind' which is inside all of us, which is actually an agent of Kaal(Satan). The Satan exercises his power upon all of us through our minds. The third  Ram  is Kaal or Demiurge or Satan  himself who has created this entire material world. He is the negative power in the universe. He is in-charge here. He is the ruler and God for most of us. He is being worshiped and adored by most of us. The last one is word or logos which is God himself--beyond all other mentioned earlier. The word is not only our liberator but also our true essence. It's the Ram addressed by Nanak and Kabir most of the times in their teachings and songs, whereas most of us confound it with the avatar Ram