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Mars in the eleventh house of horoscope

Mars represents vital life force energy in a horoscope. This energy, when under the influence of malefics, becomes a negative energy, suggesting negative karma from past lives and when under the benefics it suggests positive energy owing to the good karma from past lives. Mars is a natural malefic planet, it's considered hot in the temperament. Mars must be very strong in radix and divisional charts of athletes, soldiers, fighters and those given to very active physical social lives. 

It is also important to notice that energy to rise above bodily consciousness i. e. yogic energy is also conferred by a strong Mars in horoscope. In order to delineate Mars' role in one's chart one should pay attention to its sign, bhava, aspects from it and incoming drishtis, and its dignity in divisional charts. 

Like any other natural malefic, Mars when placed  in labha bhava i. e. eleventh house gives good results in general. If Mars is powerful many elder siblings might be noticed but if it's very powerful then there might not be any elder sibling at all. Mars in the eleventh house(natural karaka Saturn) doesn't feel very comfortable but puts its dynamic energies into social groups and communities. The native might be a great organizer. Mars in the eleventh house makes a native put his energies in social activities to earn market-place profits. 

Mars in the eleventh house casts its aspects to second(dhana), fifth(putra) and sixth(ari) bhavas. Exalted Mars in the eleventh house(for Pisces lagna) gives excellent results for earning wealth, children and creativity and for fighting debt and diseases. In any sign except in debilitation Mars gives good results related to fighting a battle against debts, illnesses and enemies. Depending also upon the other aspects/occupants related to sixth house the native generally remains a victor over the vanquished.

The aspect to the sixth house also energizes professional and personal argumentation. In general it's a good placement for those who have to argue in order to earn. The aspect to the fifth house(Sun is the natural karaka which is a friend of Mars)  makes native intelligent, creative and given to the argument with children. The aspect to the second house also energizes speech and hence speech might be very direct and angry. Since Mars also aspects sixth--in the absence of benefic associations to the second and sixth i. e. if there are neither benefic occupants nor benefic aspects for these houses; the native might be a foul mouthed ever-angry quarrelsome individual carrying negative karma from past lives. 

The Mars in the eleventh house makes one a competitive and driven individual given to vigorous physical activity. Mars makes one crave for achievements and energizes profit earning social activities for such natives. Mars along with Rahu in this house become great money makers whereas Sun along with Mars energizes competition and drive for success. Mars with no aspect and in the constellation of a friend or in its own nakshtra gives acute positive results--i. e. capabilities to fight debt, enemies and illnesses get pronounced.

It's worthy of being noticed that since second house also represents languages--Mars' aspect to it energies linguistic capabilities. If natural karaka Jupiter is also associated by occupation or aspect then such a native might be capable linguist mastering many languages with ease. 

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The Einstein Factor

About twelve years ago, I used to live in a small town. I was a voracious reader. Once I went to a big city with my friends to attend an engineering entrance examination. The moment I laid my hands upon a book by chance in a book-store there, I realized that it was something special and I bought it. Its cost was 225 rupees and I just had 500 rupees with me in total.

 I bought the book and came back to home. My parents were not happy with it, but I persisted and today I feel that it was alright to go overboard and buy that book. I did not clear that entrance exam and I could not make my parents happy but I am content that I bought that book, because it had a great positive impact on my thought process.

The book was The Einstein Factor. This is a great self-improvement book written by Win Wenger  and Richard Poe, educators and a pioneers in the field of accelerated learning and creativity. This book gives you many easy to use techniques for improving your creativity, brain functioning and general intelligence, apart from your intelligence quotient (IQ) scores. 

I read this book more than a decade ago and it had a great influence upon my thinking and learning. The main techniques described in the book include: image streaming, freenoting and held-breath-underwater swimming etc. 

This is one of the best books I have ever read and I highly recommend it to everyone interested in improving their brain-functioning.   

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                                                 The Power of Now
                                                  Guru Nanak--Jairam Mishra 
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The Power of Now

I borrowed this book from one of my classmates during my college days. I liked it so much that I did not return it until he asked about it. The book had a great impact on my thinking and way of living. As the author of the book Eckhart Tolle admits that he hasn't told anything new, it's true that the book just presents before you the timeless teachings of great masters of past. Eckhart has explained the subject in a very lucid manner.

Eckhart Tolle suggests that before and after his awakening he got mostly influenced by the teachings of  Meister Eckhart , I AM THAT and other esoteric teachings. He adopted the name Eckhart because of the appreciation he had for the tachings of Meister Eckhart.

After reading this book I read Jiddu Krishnamurty's books. They also addressed the problems related to mind and time. The difference is that Krishnamurty's approach is abstruse subtle reasoning whereas Eckhart makes things much more easier for you by focusing on the present moment. The Power of Now is indeed one of the best books I have ever read. If you are a spiritual seeker or like reading self-improvement books; you should read this book. 

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                                                    The Einstein Factor
                                                    Guru Nanak--Jairam Mishra