Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Non Stop entertainment

Non Stop is a very good entertainer of a thriller. After first few minutes, until the end it continues to surprise you. The performances are good and believable twists make their mark. The protagonist Bill(Liam Neesom) makes you more and more emotionally attached to him as movie progresses because of his detached goodness and earnestness. Many other performances in this movie are equally good. 

Towards the climax you see thrilling special effects. The reason why this psychopathic terrorist wanted to make his point by killing 150 people seems absurd and lead points towards it but then it's why you consider psychopaths are beyond reasoning.  Is it a whodunit ? Yes. Is it an action movie? Yes. Is it a thriller? Yes--it's a great entertainer which makes you feel claustrophobia of plane along with danger of getting high-jacked with some familiar mystery elements of popular whodunit movies. Very watchable and enjoyable movie all in all. 

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The courage to die

जिस मरने से जग डरे, मेरे मन आनन्द
मरने ही ते पाइए पूरण परमानंद 

Kabirdas says that: the death of which the world is so afraid is joy for me; it's only by dying that you could get perfect bliss.  

We all are afraid of dying. It's in the very nature of living organism to hold fast to what it considers life . If we introspect a little we find that we spend our whole lives in accumulating. We accumulate and save money for future. We store food stuffs and luxury items. We invest in social relations for the same reason. Our bodies naturally accumulate fat so that they have store of energy for emergencies. These all accumulations are because of fear--fear of losing what we think is pleasure or life. Not only these are caused by fear but they add up to increase the fear. That is to say that more you accumulate and more you invest your time and energy in accumulating--be it fat, friends, prestige, money and even knowledge-more fearful you become of losing them. You cannot let them go easily. This psyche is cause of experiencing limited joy, limited freedom and limited life.

The courage is required to give everything up. To give up everything is not as much an act of doing as much it's of realizing. When you realize that it's mind which is forcing you out of fear to accumulate and this accumulation doesn't give any real happiness--you give up the ownership of all possessions and relations mentally--only then there arises freedom which lets you give up them in act as well. The wrong idea that it's a lot of money, many relations and fame which gives happiness--makes you slave of mind and makes you a coward.

It's not to insinuate that by courage to die you are supposed to have courage to commit suicide--because that's not courage--that is ignorance. The bundle of Karma because of which you want to commit suicide will not leave you even if you dispose this body off. It'll haunt you life after life after life until you accept it and start burning it on your own.

Saint Peter also used to say "I die daily." Nobody can enter into a state of bliss without accepting that this existence is a limited one. Without letting go of your relations and possessions you cannot prepare yourself for the journey inside-for the journey towards God. Many persons who had out of body-near-death experiences described their experiences of travelling towards a source of light where they felt as much love and warmth as they had never experienced in their lives. What it means is--there is no death for you which you have imagined. That which is will always be and that which isn't will never be--which means--your real self will always be with you and your imagined self is neither present now nor it'll be present in future.

It  is only to the wise to take time out from your mechanical life and to reflect on nature of death. It is wisdom to contemplate on death and accept real death which gives you eternal life before it's too late. If you consciously choose to let go of your accumulations and acquire courage to die you will live forever! 

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