Saturday, 16 August 2014

Enter Nowhere is a good mystery thriller

***********Spoiler Alert*********

Whether this film is underrated on IMDb or not could be a moot point. I truly found it to be an engrossing mystery thriller up until the fierce soldier did not appear on-screen and it was not figured out that family-Karma was being cleansed up in a most dramatic fashion. Story seemed to me to have power to convince until family connection did not get fully established but as soon as it did it started to remind me of The Butterfly Effect(2004) and lot of other movies where past/future games are played to achieve desired ends. 

The sound track is good throughout  but performances are poor at places, especially towards the end. The way mystery is explained through clues becomes intriguing midway through. For example; you come to know that the three strangers in the cabin are not actually from the same parts of the world and the cabin is not actually situated where they think it is situated. In next few minutes you come to discover that the characters are actually from different time periods; that is where it becomes most entertaining I think. Thereafter grandpa/soldier comes and you find out about the lockets revealing family-connection, which is not only the last one of the clues but also weakest of the turning points in story. Then it becomes a predictable story and losses its sway over you. On the whole this movie is worth watching and except its climax it has a very good plot.  

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