Wednesday, 19 November 2014

When did dream begin?

Question: You say that I am dreaming...when did this dream begin?

Answer: This dream is beginningless and yet it begins forever in now. The mind, your idea of self(which is illusory,) as well as the world which you consider separate from yourself are one and the same thing. They're beginningless in the sense that they start with the time and space. You might say that an event A started at a particular time and ended at a particular time, because the event takes place inside time and space. But entirety of cosmos--your mind, self(illusory) as well as the universes start with time and space, therefore they have existed as long as time and space have existed---forever. Talking about the beginning and end of something which started with the beginning of Time is as absurd as talking about the beginning and ending of something which is beyond time; however they're not the same things. 

Now, everything including time and space begin and end in now. Why is that so? It's so because any reality which anything has exists only in the present moment and that's because of you. Your being imparts the illusory reality to every present moment. Past and Future are always ideas. The present moment is always real because of you. Every moment universe, illusory self, mind and the dream ends and begins anew. That's how beginningless begins forever. The dream began Now.

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