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OSHO: Charisma and Chandra Kundli

Though this is not a must, but interested readers, for a little background, for data used in analysis as well as, for a general summary could please refer to my following articles written previously:

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Why analyze Chandra Lagna 

In Jyotisha--The Vedic Astrology, learned Astrologers regard Chandra lagna as much important as Radix lagna. Some Astrologers give more importance to Chandra kundli. My aforementioned articles analyzed horoscope of Osho with main emphasis on Radix chart. Now, I intend to discuss certain aspects with Chandra Kundli as prime focal point. The main reason behind this is: In certain nativities Chandra Kundli is more powerful than Radix Kundli. Such cases primarily are: 

A. Where Moon is surrounded by many planets. That is, a nativity where plenty of planets are present in the houses second and twelfth from Moon.

B. Where Moon is with many planets in one sign. That is, such a nativity where plenty of planets are present in the first house from Moon.

In order to summarize A and B: You may say that whenever there are many planets in the houses 1, 2 and 12 from Moon, the Chandra lagna becomes more powerful than the Radix lagna. 

Charismatic Personalities: Chandra, Radix and Surya Lagna

Having established our understanding about why we shall entertain discussion on Chandra kundli in case of certain nativities. Let us understand one more thing: Many planets with Chandra not only emphasize a Chandra lagna more powerful than Radix lagna in any nativity, but also suggest a Charismatic personality. It's worthy of being noted that whenever there are planets in lagna they tend to empower personalities--the more the merrier. It means that in general studies too--if there are many planets in lagna they tend to suggest a charismatic personality. In case of Chandra lagna however, they tend to overemphasize the charisma. There are many examples for the same--for spiritually charismatic personalities you may have a look on charts of Shri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa, Sathya Sai Baba, Nisargadatta Maharaj and Osho. They all show conglomeration of many planets in lagna or Chandra lagna. In case of Rajiv Gandhi--you see a great conglomeration of five planets in lagna--suggesting a charismatic personality. It's also important to observe that in certain nativities Surya lagna is very powerful--that is--there might be a stellium of many planets with Sun--that also makes a charismatic personality. Take for example--charts of Madam Blavatsky, Sir Donald Bradman and Adolf Hitler. They all have stelliums with Sun in it. 

Osho: Chandra Kundli 

The Chandra is present in the Radix eighth house with four planets-Mercury, Saturn, Venus and Mars. Therefore when studying Chandra kundli, the first house has a massive five planet stellium--suggesting a charismatic personality. This stellium occurs in a sign Sagittarius which is a purifying, fiery, masculine, optimistic, extraverted energy of Jupiter. This sign also suggests Philosophy and Dharma. The Chandra lord is in the eighth house. The lagna lord Jupiter is exalted in eighth house. This suggests two things--A. The native is very learned. He has extraordinary intelligence. B. Native has mystical qualities. Any lagna lord in the eighth house signifies A and B--but Jupiter as the lagna lord, in particular suggests a great divine power in self-transformation. A Tantrik par excellent.

Sun is present in the twelfth house in the sign Scorpio. This suggests vibrations in the field of universal consciousness. Such natives have very little sense of mine and thine since their early childhood.

Rahu and Ketu on fourth-tenth axis suggest exceptional academic abilities and winning competitions. Osho won national debate competition and he was a very extraordinary student as well. 

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