Tuesday, 4 November 2014

More Synchronicities !

In last two days, I have watched two thriller movies without any planning on my part. They have peculiar similarities. The movies are Leon: The Professional and V for Vendetta

Synchronicities: Both of the movies has Natalie Portman in the lead roles. Both of the movies are about the warriors of the names suggested by the movies. The Leon and V are both great fighters. The former is a hitman and the latter is also a revolutionary fighter. Both of them are almost like superheroes. The characters performed by Natalie Portman meet them accidentally and falls in love with them. Both of the heroes, in a way teach Natalie to become fighter like them. In the climax, in both of the movies, there are huge explosions and heroes die, dramatically leaving testimonies to Natalie. 

Moreover: Today, it's November the fourth and date of November the fifth has been referenced over and again the movie V for Vendetta!

image source: here and here