Monday, 13 October 2014

Why an enlightened person cannot help the world?

If I am enlightened person--I cannot help the world because I am the world. lo help someone there should be some purpose--for an enlightened person there is no duality and hence no purpose.

Good and bad, right and wrong, virtue and sin exist only at the level of mind. If I am beyond mind--what is out there is a dream world. I cannot help anyone really  in a dream world. A thief in a dream is as good as a priest. In my dream, everything that appears is me. I am the playground and player and game and audience and everything around. In my dream I am the killer and killed. How can I be for virtue and against sin; for there is neither virtue nor sin? How could I be for right against wrong; for there is neither right nor wrong? I know that it's a dream and you will wake up soon. Once you wake up you will know that you were running unnecessarily after this or that. Once you wake up you will understand that when you were asking for help it was because you were getting tired of sleep.

Only those who are in your dream can help you. It's so because they consider themselves apart from the world and it's because of their deep slumber. If you're the world how could you help the world. Helping suggests problems or presence of something undesirable--if I am awake there is no desire for I see everything as myself. There is nothing undesirable. The question of helping doesn't arise at all. Those who are too eager to help the world need to wake-up as much as those who are anxious about fighting the world--they are both running on the same ground in opposite directions. 

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