Friday, 17 October 2014

The Sound of One Hand Clapping

This is a famous Zen Koan. Zen Koans are mysterious riddles which don't have a definite verbal answer. They're mysterious and their aim is to awaken or enlighten the Zen practitioner. I pointed out earlier that these riddles might not have a definite verbal response but it doesn't mean that they don't have any answer at all. In fact, if you look through the history of Zen schools there have been many practitioner who became enlightened upon finding the answer to these Koans.

This Koan is also one of such riddles. It's answer is both simple and very mysterious. The question: "What is the sound of the one hand clapping?" aims at making you fully aware of present moment. When you become fully aware of present moment and your mind becomes still you arrive at the solution of this riddle. This not only solves the problem but also makes you have first glimpses of enlightenment.

When mind is fully calm you are capable of listening the sweet harmonious unstuck melody inside you. This undercurrent of sound is present in entire cosmos everywhere. Only when someone becomes fully still and aware he comes into its blissful contact. This sound soothes the mind and heart and it gives unadulterated bliss of being. This sound is so miraculous that if you continue listening it--it fulfills all desires. Finally it makes you void of all desires and liberated. 

This unstuck sound is clapping of one hand, because it's not a result of any collision. It's pure natural sound present since the beginning of cosmos. This sound is very nature of being. Since entire cosmos is made of vibrations--you attract those things which are vibrating at your rate. Your thoughts are also vibrations and when you have harmonious thoughts you attract more and more harmony and order. These sound vibrations are highest type of order in cosmos and when you attend to them, by and by you start falling in that order, resulting in peace and bliss beyond words and conception.  

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