Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Supernatural--Season 9

As I started watching the season 1 of Supernatural, I found it slightly boring. I thought that may be it's overrated. Then I thought that the show has been running for very long and yet it's so highly rated; therefore, it must have improved over the years--so I decided to jump over the seasons and started watching the Season 9 directly. And yes, I was right about the improvement bit.

In Season 9, I see that there are too many parallel plot lines interwoven in a most intriguing way. There are angels, there are demons, there are witches and cannibals and so much of mystery and magic in various episodes. I see that Dean Winchester(Jensen Ackles) has not aged at all over the years but Sam Winchester(Jared Padalecki) looks older--may be because it's demanded by the script or may be because he has really aged more; though their voices have become heavier. It's obvious that their acting has improved a lot. Sound-tracks are more enchanting now and scripts are tighter than they used to be. There is more element of comical humor and surprise and I love the overall execution of various plot-lines. 

I think there is no problem in rating season 9 episodes with 9+ points out of ten. Where there used to be only two of them hunting in the season 1, you see that they have quite a team now. Almost every new episode picks a new thread while weaving something from old threads together--giving rise to a perfect supernatural television show. I hope that season 10 would be even more better. 

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