Sunday, 12 October 2014

Star Trek: Into The Darkness

This is a sequel to 2009 science-fiction flick. It's a great sequel to a great film. There is not much twist or substance in plot but action and thrill are at their peak. The special effects  just elevate you into another dimension. This movie has an arch-villain like the previous one.

 Beautiful soundtrack and a lot of emotional dialogue along with lots and lots of breathtaking action make it a great conventional space odyssey film. It never gets boring after first few minutes despite its length. It has good actors and great camera-work. The other day I was watching BBC's Sherlock Holmes and it was just fitting to see Benedict Cumberbatch  as a superhuman dark arch-rival of captain Kirk. Science fiction movies are getting better day by day with advances in technology. The same rate of progress is not obvious in mystery movies in my opinion.