Friday, 3 October 2014

Kapaal Bhaati: How to improve advantages

Please refer to the following article for understanding the basics of practice and its Psychology.

Kapaal Bhati: Meaning, Misconceptions and Psychology 

If you are already familiar with the technique, let me introduce before you a subtle change into it which would help you improve gains from it. The word of caution remains same for this article as well--those gentlemen who are suffering from heart and or breathing ailments should NOT TRY this practice before consulting to their physicians.

When you practice Kapaal Bhaati or Forced Exahalation technique--you let inhalations take care of themselves. You don't bother about inhalations as they occur spontaneously after every exhalation, naturally, on their own. However, you do practice focusing on exhalation. You force breathing out like you do when you have to sneeze. You would observe that you breath very rapidly during this practice--you might do as many as 40-50 exhalations per minute. There is not enough time to get full inhalation--therefore both inhalations and exhalations are partial, yet, since you have plenty of exhalations per minute you consume abundant oxygen during the practice.

Now I advise you an experiment. You have to introduce a subtle change in the practice. This change would make you have better gains rapidly. If you feel it works for you--go ahead and continue to practice it. If it doesn't you lose nothing--carry on with your usual Kapaal Bhaati practice.{I think no money back guarantee is needed as I am not asking for money in the first place!}

You have to do just this much: Give a little more space between inhalation and exhalation. That is to let inhalation complete itself more than it usually does. If allow just a gap of 2-3 seconds, you would find that your inhalation would get almost 3/4 of the full and this in turn will help you achieve great gains. Remember, you don't have to reduce force--you have to increase the force in exhalation--since more force will be available to you. Please note that you will definitely not be able to do too many exhalations in a minute--first because you have to create 'gaps' between inhalations and exhalations--which consumes time--second--because you would get tired easily since you are using more 'force-per-exhalation.'

How does it work?

It might not be a million dollar question, but lets anyway understand its mechanism a little. Almost all of the major benefits you receive from the Kapaal Bhaati practice are because of the jet-propeller-reaction of the air which leaves your body. This reaction acting dominantly on the abdominal regions helps regenerate vital cells and drives toxins away from your body. Other than that it helps your face muscles and brain get an optimum amount of oxygen-rich blood. This results in over all optimum gains in health and vitality. 

The subtle change I have introduced in the practice helps you gain more force-per-exhalation. This results in more blissful feelings and better blood circulation in your body. You might have observed people 'sigh'--they feel so relaxed because of forcing their exhalation after a full inhalation, even when they are not aware that they are practicing Kapaal Bhaati. Similarly when you make inhalations fuller, you gain an added advantage and more force-per-exhalation helps you attain better results.

If you try this method and if it works or does not work, do let me know about your experiences via comments. My e-mail: