Sunday, 12 October 2014

I AM THAT: Nisargadatta Maharaj

This book consists of the conversations between Nisargadatta Maharaj and various seekers. Nisargadatta didn't know English; had very meagre education. He was a very ordinary looking man who lived in Bombay India in the twentieth century. Maurice Frydman edited and translated Nisargadatta Maharaj's tape-recorded conversations(which were in Marathi language) into the English-language book I Am That, published in 1973. 

This book is a work of an absolute genius into reality. The book contains real solutions to all fundamental problems. This is a masterpiece for every spiritual seeker. Eckhart Tolle, the celebrated writer of The Power of Now highly recommends this book. 

Nisargadatta did not fit into conventional Guru image. He was against the emergency syndrome and suggested rather to inquire into our dream worlds to wake up. You wonder how could a person who had no formal education at all be such an absolute genius into reality. It was solely because he was awakened because of his sadhana. The book is in a questions-answers format and Nisargadatta never leaves any seeker disappointed. He points to the right direction for everyone. This book is one of my all time favorites and I highly recommend it to ever earnest seeker and meditator for contemplative reading. 

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