Saturday, 11 October 2014

Haider: Vishal Bhardwaj's Take on Hamlet

Haider has two layers of entertainment in it: boring and more boring. It's a very long film with very little substance in it. Pre-interval it's too boring and post-interval it's boring. Acting is weak especially from Shahid Kapoor and at times I thought it was Shabana Azmi when I looked at Tabu! I liked only one song in cemetery which has philosophical substance to it. 

Vishal's attempt at doing everything in his film himself makes it a very weak film. Dialogues lyrics and other aspects are weak. It was better when he used to co-work with Gulzar and Rehman. The run-time is too long with substantially no real character-build-up. I found Omkara(which was also an adaptation of Shakespeare's work) better than this one. Omkara had better dialogues, better acting and better element of surprise .This movie is not just overrated--it's hyper rated. 

Why spend much time on analyzing a movie which you didn't like? I have most of the remarks only for those movies which moved me to write. Then why I chose to express my ideas for this one--because it's too overrated in my opinion. An unbelievable 8.9 on IMDb? I cannot give it more than 7.5--that too because of couple of songs and post interval sequences. Remove the first half of the movie and it would yet stand as what it's.   

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